Work and Real Work…and a Question.

Which shall we talk about first?

How about real work.

I quilted Lavonne’s pineapple quilt. She made this for her SIL. She has had it done for a bit..originally thought she would hand quilt it…I also believe Lavonne owns her own long arm set up…but I have been quilting for her for a couple of years. :) When I first found out I quilted for people who owned their own long arms I was scared.  I thought that was crazy to send I know why. Jane is a perfect example of that for me. She compliments my tops perfectly when I send them to her. Darby too. In fact Jane should start a blog. ( Hint-Hint) IMG_3857 IMG_3856 IMG_3855 IMG_3854 IMG_3853

I quilted ferns and Charisma-ish curls. They transform to whatever I am working on..I think. Beautiful Job Lavonne! IMG_3858

Now Charisma work

I also did a trade with Mal in the have two cross quilts made from my fabrics..I was going to have them in the show..but got to busy. I did have one I made to raffle off for my mission.   The two I had her make were made from fabrics I LOVE and have been hoarding. I love this I think I will keep this cross quilt for myself ( I say that all the time until God tells me who needs it). I used scraps from other projects on the back…because I will hang this…back doesn’t matter.IMG_3879 IMG_3878 However, I kind of like the bright can see the designs so well. IMG_3877 IMG_3876 IMG_3875 IMG_3873

Then I had an hour..Donna gave me this quilt top.  I think she made this when she first started to quilt because the fabric ( we are fabric snobs) is not her usual type…she won’t admit publicly to owning or making this quilt top…..It served a purpose for me. I quilted all over feathers. It may seem like a normal design I have done 100 times. But honestly there are so many ways to construct a feather…and I am trying to change my original feather to make it a different way..until the second way  becomes second nature and I don’t have flubs..I need to practice it. I am getting there..there was only like 3 flubs on this whole quilt. It’s hard changing a pattern of muscle memory. That concluded my Saturday.IMG_3868 IMG_3867 IMG_3866


This is the back..I pieced it using scraps of what I have …..I need to use what I have got! IMG_3870

Sunday I already told you about but my LOVELY DH left this nice comment on the post:

I wasn’t really gloating. You are just so used to me allowing you to be right you aren’t able to be a good loser. That’s my fault and will be remedied in the coming year. In fact I think that will be this years resolution….to stop allowing you to win so much and show you how to be a gracious loser. signed “The Rob”

hmmmphf! Is what I say to that. It’s must be nice living in fantasy land where he is..thinking he is more than right once a year?


It’s a good thing we love each other and keep each other on our toes. Tomorrow is our 10th wedding anniversary.:)

I also took pictures of this quilt. I got it in our church yard sale last summer. It has two tears in opposite sides…and some wear and tear. Oddly enough the rips and wear is all on the I could easily cut off all the bad stuff and just bind it. Give it a new life.  It’s hand quilted. I love the pattern ..I should make a reproduction..modern style. I know it’s been done 1000 times..but some designs are timeless. However I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions for this quilt?

IMG_3885 IMG_3884 IMG_3883 IMG_3882 IMG_3881 IMG_3880








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  1. Lavonne Gribben December 31, 2012 at 8:52 pm - Reply

    Charisma, the quilt is gorgeous but I knew it would be. my SIL is going to love it. Thank you so much. Lavonne

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