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Quilt Barn Update 02022023

The Little Pink Barn is coming along.  I can tell you that I have been fretting over the shades of pink that I was going to paint the barn. The inside and outside. It's not [...]

Benartex Tote Bag

Hi! How's it going? Things are sailing along here. The snow is starting to melt in a few places. We have been getting just a little bit when it does snow and then starts to [...]

Cluckers and Bathroom Update

Hi Everybody! I have officially released my first pattern in my Little Pink Barn Series. I have designed a bunch of quilts in this series. But I was serious about designing a chicken quilt. [...]

Coffee and Then What?

I saw this meme on FB and thought.....this. This is my life and I am not an avid coffee drinker....but maybe I should start. I drink coffee a few times a week. LOL! Well [...]

Quilt Barn Progress December 2022

I wanted to share some progress shots of the Quilt Barn. This is just amazing to me! I have to say that I wasn't sure this was actually ever going to be a reality ...for [...]

Benartex Ambassador for 2023

Hi Everybody! I am so excited to finally share that I am going to be a Brand Ambassador for Benartex Fabric in 2023! This is so exciting! I have been working with Benartex for [...]