Asian City Planner

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So unlike anything I have ever made before…..I have managed to take a modern quilt pattern and make it Non-modern.

I know.

I usually do that the other way around.

This is a great lesson in how 1 element can change the over all feel of a quilt.

This is Tula Pink’s 100 modern quilt blocks. Set in the City Planner setting.


I used scraps of my Asian fabrics. The blocks are pretty hideous….I think I may have to make this quilt again in my normal colors & fabrics. I was trying to stretch myself out of my comfort zone….and quite frankly I think I went a bit to much out of it for my own taste. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this quilt. It’s pretty if you love Asian fabrics and what not. I happen to like Asian fabrics…but I tend to add a little bit here and there to my projects rather than having them all be Asian…..and now I know why. It’s just not my style. It just doesn’t have the zing that I usually love. I finished this last summer…but it took me this long to quilt it. It honestly didn’t take me long to put all 100 blocks together…..they go together pretty fast. In the Book Tula has several settings you can use to set your blocks…but I think this was the only one that used all 100 blocks ( I could be wrong about that)  and it’s a huge quilt.

037 038


I actually love the setting. I used it for some 9 patches as well ( I still need to quilt that one) … I did finish it time to get it into the show.

040 041I quilted swirls and lines for the background …and individual block work for each of the 100 blocks. It seemed to take me forever. But it was worth it in the end. I am glad to have it finished.

I used more stash to piece my back. All Asian fabrics. I actually had a pretty good selection of Asian fabrics. I seem to collect them…..and just use little bits of them .


I hope you all have a wonderful day!



Snails Trails

I received this from Susan…’s over sized Snail trail blocks….looks modern doesn’t it?


She wanted each color quilted with coordinating thread…so I had so many thread changes…crazy! But it was fun to quilt ….I kept 4 designs for each block …..and again..bad lighting before this was shipped out. So I did my best to get some decent photos. :(

019Swirls, bubbles, stipple and lines.

018 Here are some photos of the back:

020 021Thanks Susan. It’s been a pleasure working with you again. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Blessings to all of you!


Random Flowers

This pattern is called Random Flowers by a company called Random Threadz. You can find the pattern here.

I liked the pattern immediately but I wanted to put my own spin on it…with bright and crazy fabrics. It just appeals to all of my senses.


My friend T pieced it for me….I didn’t even look at the pattern-> she does applique for me…..and I had assumed that the arcs were appliqued….they are pieced…so she got a lesson in curved piecing….I am sure she ripped her hair out over that……I am surprised she is still my friend. LOL! Thanks T! I owe you!

I have had this for awhile ( I actually have lots of pieced tops waiting to be quilted) …I like to have time to think about certain projects and stretch myself to learn and try new things.



I wanted this to go into the quilt show…..I like to enter a few categories so that I have exposure in several areas…..and to show different quilting techniques.  I was looking at this for several weeks trying to figure out how I was going to quilt it and it had me stumped. I hate it when that happens and I am on deadlines. Poor Beth is then rushed to get bindings on….:( I am surprised she hasn’t cut me off either..LOL.

I almost thought…oh forget it…..just don’t quilt it. Then I thought…”No, Charisma you entered it you must follow through” so I kept searching my brain…then it came to me…finally.

024 025 026Flower boxes…..Flower baskets….feathers….I kept coming back to feathers for some reason…so I did include them in the center. Then I thought boxes…boxes..frames. So I quilted frames in the center of the blocks to make it look like the flowers were sitting on top of them…..and I added different textures to fill them.

026 027 028 029

I was inspired by some Sue Spargo images to quilt my borders the way I did…I can’t tell you why or what I saw to make me think of that…but the primitive flowers and curves in many of  her quilted designs just made me think about it…..and I made it up as I went along. I am pretty much in love with my borders.

034 035The back…..I just chose something light that was in my stash…’s wall hanging size…so it’s nothing fancy.

032 033

So I had a great time quilting this….it took tons of time..but I am glad I finished it. Beth has it so it will be ready in time for the show. I am finally happy that something I quilted for this show turned out to be as great as I had imagined…I am off lately. I think it’s burn out. So things just haven’t been coming together on my own projects.

So I am glad my last one is finished. whew! I made it!

I hope you have have a wonderful day!



Flower Gardens

Beth sent this quilt. she is gifting it to her parents. It’s so beautiful. I love the colors and the setting blocks for the embroidered flowers…it’s classic and colorful.  Pure eye-candy.



I used two layers of batting and quilted all over charisma curls. ( which are difficult to see…..poor lighting.

So you can’t see my quilting very much…but you can see the beautiful colors, fabrics, & design. Beth did a wonderful job.

013 014 015 016Here’s the back:

011So you can see a little quilting. :)

Thanks Beth!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! School starts for us this week….( tomorrow) and we are getting our counter tops installed today. YAY!





Christmas Runner

Pam sent this runner. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love the fabrics….It’s by moda and one of my favorite designers ( yes I know…that list is long)

006It’s a lovely charm pack projects…..with a bit extra. :)

008All over swirly feathers…and charisma curls in the border.

007009We had poor lighting for a few days while waiting for rain to come to the Northwest. so I tried to get some decent photos. :)

010Thanks Pam! It’s been a pleasure working with you!