Mexican Stars

This is another one for Joni. It’s beautiful as always!



She always uses beautiful fabrics and chooses great patterns. I quilted some Charisma Curls and continuous curves.



The back is a batik as well.


Thanks Joni! It’s coming back to you!



Sally’s Whole Cloth

This quilt only tells half of the story.

This is Sally’s own design. She is adding some applique and painting when she gets it back. So it’s still an unfinished canvas.



This is my first time doing this type of project for someone else ( I think??) The Cross hatching turned out beautifully with my Quilter’s Rule Cross Hatch system. It made the job so much easier!


The middle section is going to have applique so most if it will be covered. :)


WOWZA! Loving it! In January I am going to use this system again on one of my own projects. :)

Thanks Sally! It was a pleasure working with you!




Christmas Wreaths

These little cuties are for Pat. All over stipples..perfect for gifts …and i think these may be gifts? :)



I have been quilting for Pat for several years now…we have been talking and sharing since my old PDA on QB. I finally get to meet her in person next week while I am in Atlanta! I can’t wait!  I get to meet a few people in person for the first time….and meet up with a few others. Can I just say how much I love my job to make these connections? It’s amazing how God works these things out. Blessings for sure!


Thanks Pat! I will see ya soon! These little guys will beat me to you!




I Love Lucy

HI Friends! It’s been a few days since I posted. It’s been a seriously busy week. Between all of of house projects, appointments and freaky things happening this week…I have been out of routine. Cole was in a fender bender……So that added a lot of extra stuff to this week. Rob is helping him get his car fixed ect. So anyway I didn’t make a post for a few days…but I do have some things to share.



So as many of you know I trade piecing for quilting with some people… Annette and I have been working together several years now. I gave her a bunch of “I love Lucy” fabrics a few years ago and asked her to make me a quilt. She made 2. I can’t seem to find the first one she made to make a link for you all to see…..I wish I would remember the name? I quilted it in 2012…..My Mother in law really wanted that quilt and I gave it to her…Only because I knew I had this one left for me. Pink is my favorite color. :) I like to trade quilting for pieced tops…because I can’t possibly keep up with everything. I like to have a bountiful amount of quilt tops to practice. I also like to have different styles and things to work on. I know that I can’t possibly try every design…..and I won’t be exposed to the same ideas of someone else. So it’s a blessing to share art, Creativity & strengths. :)



So Annette pieced this and she did a great job. I had big wide open spaces to work in…which was perfect for me to practice something in. I bought a new cross hatch system. It’s the system that ABM sells…it’s the quilter’s rule system. I had heard when I first started that this system is cumbersome ect. I  have to say ..I really like it. I have a few different Cross hatch systems that I have tried. As you all know I don’t have a computer…so everything I do is freehand ( or with rulers) …I have no problem doing a small area with my ruler…..But when you are cross hatching a large area…it is very difficult to keep everything lined up perfectly as you are walking your ruler around. Unless you have pre-marked. Marking is fine…but it is very time consuming and some how I would still make mistakes. It really made me not want to take any all over cross hatch jobs. Forget about whole cloth quilts. If you are a freehand quilter….it is VERY time consuming to do so much ruler work and it’s difficult to balance the love of quilting and also make money with it. If I put 20 hours into a small quilt and make 80$ it’s really not cost effective…to offer that service. So I am always looking for certain tools to help me maximize my time and ease the process. This ruler is really great for cross hatching. It took me a bit to get the hang of it…so I had to practice on one of my own so I could make mistakes on it…and get the groove before trying a customer quilt. ( I will show you that one tomorrow) .




So if you look closely you can see a few mistakes and that is perfectly fine. It’s my own quilt. I like imperfections.



I quilted hearts in the wide open spaces as well…so I could treat them like appliques or something that I have to work around. I tried different angles….and sizes. I just had fun with the rest…easy designs for a fun quilt.



I love Lucy. They play the re-runs late at night on the Hallmark Channel. Every year Lucy is still voted the number 1 comedy. Those shows are timeless and loved by many! She never disappoints….neither does Annette. I can’t wait to show you all my Elvis quilt. She pieced that for me too!

IMG_0440 IMG_0441 IMG_0442 IMG_0443

The back….I had been hoarding this pink fabric for so long….you don’t even know how long…..It’s one of my favorite pink fabrics…and now it’s in a quilt. It’s in a quilt I am keeping so that makes me feel better……I am a quilt hoarder! I own it!


Thanks Annette! Took me awhile to get this quilted….I would take it out..put it back. Take it out put it back. Same with the 30’s Tin-man pattern. I just love that quilt so much it stumps me…so I haven’t quilted it. I think I need to quilt it with an all over….I can’t part with that one either. LOL

blessings to all you! Have a great day!

Monday Mumblings

Well over the weekend I decided I needed to do some fall cleaning. We already had a yard day scheduled for the family….and of course the morning we were to clean the rain gutters one fell because it was full of yuck! Now it’s going to be more work to fix. So Rob has to deal with that.

But we also spent a lot of time clearing the garden bed.

I was sad to do that… was starting to look pretty rough…but I still had a difficult time ripping it all out.

Fall GardenThis was all the pumpkins that were left

Pumpkin Harvest

We had already picked several for different things….so I think we did well on pumpkins. :)

We also had enough tomatoes & peppers to make 3 gallons of salsa. So I did that on Sunday. :)

There have been a few areas of the house that I neglect…..which is my office….( mostly the desk) and my clothes in the bedroom. So I got my bedroom put all back together. YAHOO! We had to go to the laundry mat on Saturday night. So that took a few hours.

Sunday I worked on my office as well. Good grief! It’s amazing how much paperwork we accumulate. I had to get rid of gobs of papers. Also between Rob & I we had to close about 10 credit accounts. Seriously! That is a ton!  I didn’t think we had that many credit accounts open. Some of them we opened for the one time savings…and never used again type of a thing. When I was calling to cancel some of those accounts hadn’t been used for years…I was surprised they were closed down.  So now everything is closed down…..we just have a few more cards to pay off and our car…..after that we only have our house loan and one other loan. The cards we have are cards that I decided to do transfer balances on…I am playing the credit card I can get lower interest rates to pay them off. Everything will be paid off by this time next year if we stay on track. :)   Our car will be paid off in Feb…and I think we are going to look at refinancing our house to a lower interest in the Spring…and then we will start making double pmts. :) YAHOO! we are right on track!  My original goal was to have our house paid off by the time Clarissa graduates…..I am wondering if we may be able to do that sooner. :) Probably if we can get a lower interest rate. That just excites me!

Last week we discovered we needed a new freezer, Oven and washer. We asked a repair man to come out and fix our washer….he said the parts & labor will cost more than a new washer. darn! So due to all of those appliances being delivered this week…..we have to clean and organize a few things to get everything in order. I am also getting packed for a trip Rob and I are taking. :)

I am super excited to have a new stove. We have a counter top range and a wall mounted oven. The oven is small it can’t have a regular size cookie sheet and we can’t cook a full size turkey in there….I have always had to use a counter top roaster. We haven’t been able to bake store bought pizzas…..many frozen foods because we just can’t make the quantity for a big family. So I got a double oven …YAY! I can’t wait for that! So the area where the oven is..also has a microwave above that….we will need that area for storage when we get rid of cabinet under stove top…..the oven is going there. SO we also bought a built in above stove microwave….here is the best part…it can double as an oven… if I ever need 3 ovens…I have them!

Bad thing is that we have to cut our counter to get stove in. It’s going to be ok until we can get the kitchen re-done because it’s on the end…not like in the middle. I need to have someone come and give me an estimate for the kitchen…hoping that can be next summer’s project. We need to do that when we can eat outside on the BBQ and  not have to worry about that sort of stuff. Plus in summer less people are here now that the kids are older… it will just be easier to deal with.

When we replaced our refrigerator earlier this year …we put our old fridge on the patio to use as an extra fridge & freezer. It’s blowing breakers and not behaving. Thank Goodness we replaced it,  when we did!  I am not dying for a refrigerator right now. So we bought another freezer…which will be nice. Now that I buy all of my meat in bulk…I am always looking for more room to freeze it all.  I can’t say I am excited to buy all of these appliances…but what I can say is that I am really happy that I have been following the Dave Ramsey plan because  even though it pains me to use my savings…I am glad that I have it. I actually like watching it grow and be a comfortable spot for us. If this had been this time last year..I may have been in a far different place. :)

We are also in the process of changing out our lighting in the kitchen. We have florescent lighting …YUCK! and we need better lighting in our living room. So we are putting in recessed LED lights. We are going to eventually change everything to LED. but it will be a slow process. Even though we use energy saving bulbs… seems they don’t last as long as they are supposed to…and LED is cheaper in the long run. So the change will start.  We also have to replace our bathroom fans. So we are lining up our winter -indoor projects. These are more of Rob & the Boys projects. I seriously have no clue how to repair or fix anything. I can barely use a screw driver. :(

I am the one who keeps everyone on track and manages the everyday things.  :)

So this week I have to set up a menu plan. Prepare everybody for our trip and spend late nights quilting so I can be caught up before I leave…..:) Pray for me!

I hope you all have a great week! Happy Monday!