Wonky Ovals

Valerie sent this quilt for LAQ. IMG_8707

She said it was kind of wild. LOL Oh what he must think of my type of quilts…LOL All of mine are wild. hehe

We mixed back & forth lines in two directions and bubbles within bubbles to compliment it. IMG_8708

I love the texture and what helps it pop a bit more is the flannel backing. you can see the designs so well…but its’ also so comfy. I love flannel I use my flannel Grinch quilt all of the time when I watch tv. You just have to take extra precautions when using flannel. washing it ahead of time ect. Flannel shrinks quite a bit more than cotton. IMG_8709

Thanks Valerie! Always a pleasure working with you! Blessings



Christmas & Easter

Well as my Pastor said on Easter Sunday “without Christmas there would be no Easter” Seasoned Christians know this. Yet Christmas seems to be a much bigger holiday than Easter. Easter doesn’t seem as important to the world. Everything was open ..even in our small conservative town. That seemed strange to me.

My pastor gave a a great sermon. It wasn’t the typical resurrection story. He skimmed through the whole bible and weaved everything together. It was a beautiful sermon.  One of the best Easter Sermons I have heard…honestly.

I had a rough day. I think it’s just a culmination of lots of things. I don’t want to complain about it all. But I boycotted my family on that day….and I sewed my heart away. I worked on Christmas projects. I made this cute little Christmas Present quilt:

IMG_8700 IMG_8699 IMG_8698

I also made a Christmas runner and cut out a few more projects. So I can just sew when I have a moment here & there. I have work to do…..I have house stuff to catch up on….and paperwork. Sometimes I just have to zone out and work on something that takes me away. I would buy some calgon to take me away…but somehow..even though we have 2 bathrooms…..I can’t ever take a bath in peace without someone needing something. I can talk & sew at the same time. :)

Things started calming down that night. I think teenage years are just plain tough. No matter how you handle them.

But I a just going to keep looking up, trudging through and hopefully survive….no matter what I will have a smile in the end. It’s either because it’s over or because I lived …LOL. But a smile is a smile…right?

I hope you all have a blessed week. :)


Baby Flowers

Kathy is also a newer quilter. I quilted for her last fall for a wedding quilt…and now she has a grandbaby coming any day. YAY!IMG_8687

I am assuming the baby a granddaughter?……:)IMG_8688

I quilted flowers and leaves….it just fit with the theme. Kathy made it all from flannels and pretty colors. I love baby quilts. Always represents new life. new beginnings. New relationships…and a journey ahead. Beautiful.IMG_8689

Thanks Kathy! Always a pleasure working with you! See ya in a few!


A Slice of Americana

Julie made another beautiful quilt. She is a fairly new quilter but also very prolific. :) IMG_8690

I think the quilting bug has bitten. IMG_8691

I think this is a fabulous quilt…I am guessing it’s a layer cake & Charm quilt. You layer a charm in the middle of a layer cake…sew around the edges and then slice it on both diagonals, shuffle them  and sew them back into hour glass type blocks. Genius! IMG_8693

She added sashings and a couple of borders. I love the Patriotic -Americana fabrics. always a good combo.IMG_8695

I quilted stars & loops on the inside and framed it all in with a  feather…..very classic type feeling. IMG_8694

Thanks Julie! always a pleasure.


Fabric Fast 04-20-14


Fabric Count 301.83+2.27 +2

I finished those 2 small projects at the beginning of the week and I round up the odd # I have-> I am adding the .27 because I used scraps and a round number is more appealing to me.

2.27 for Favorite things

2 for As for Me & my house


Bolts I have purchased this year:


Black -3


White -3




Extra Wide Muslin -1


Personal finishes for 2014 (these are ones I made from start to finish):


1. Scrappy Squares (pieced & quilted)


2. Amy Scraps (quilted)


3. Scrappy 500 HST (quilted)


4. Soothing Gray quilt ( quilted)


5. Modern Monkey Baby (quilted)


6. Dresden Flowers (flimsy)


7. The Grinch Quilt  (quilted)


8. Mod Vintage Tablecloth quilt (quilted)


9. Scrappy Swoon (quilted)


10. Scrappy Owls (quilted)


11. Scrappy Postcards (quilted)


12. Double Delight (quilted)


13. Deep Sea Bubbles (quilted)


14. Red, black, white & gray Big & Bold (flimsy)


15. Scottie Dog Houses (flimsy)


16. 9 Patch Scrappy (flimsy)


17. Asterisk Quilt


18. Pumpkin Pie (quilted)


19. Baby quilt (whole cloth/cheater) pieced & quilted


20. Scrappy Jelly Race pieced & quilted


21. 2 Shopping Bags


22. Galleria (pieced)


23. Bubble wand quilt (quilted)


24. Charisma’s Flock of Birds (quilted)


25. Valentine Quilt (pieced)


26. Celtic Solstice Flimsie


27. Improv Charms Flimsie


28. 2 Hope quilts


29. Granny squares flimsie


30. Scrappy Sassy (Flimsy)


31. Scrappy Sassy (flimsy)


32. White Star Quilt (flimsie)


33. Gold Ring (flimsie)


34. 9 Patch Delight (flimsie)


35. 9 Patch City Planner (flimsie)


36. Everlastings quilt (flimsie)


37. Everlastings Wall-hanging (flimsie)


38. Favorite things (flimsie)

39. As for me & My house (flimsie)




Scrappy Trade Quilts Finished:


1. Harmony’s Soothing water quilt (Quilted)


2. Plaid Bouquet (quilted) Made by Annette


3. Snowman Advent Calendar (quilted) made by Karin


4. Snowman Welcome sign (quilted) Made by Karin


5. Squared Origins (quilted) Made by Harmony


6. That Thirties Thing (quilted)  Pieced By Annette ( will post this later today) Some pics are posted on Fb.


7. Wing It! Rectangled (quilted) pieced by Annette


8. Scrappy Origins (quilted) pieced by Harmony


9. Peaches & Cream (quilted) Pieced by Annette


10. A Tisket A Tasket (quilted) pieced by Nelle


11. Snowman Country (quilted) Pieced by Nelle


12. Table runner (quilted) Pieced by Harmony