Stars & Stripes

Judy brought this quilt to me. SO pretty. Red, White & Blue is always a great color combo…stirs up many feelings of home. right?




Even thought this isn’t particularly a QOV… stirs up all of those patriotic feelings that a QOV quilt stirs up.


Anway I quilted it with loops, stars, and swirls. I used white thread and just a had a nice relaxing time quilting all over.



Thanks Judy! Always a pleasure to work with you!






Cowboys & Choppers

Bonnie sent these for quilting.



She requested Cowboy boots & Lassos quilted on this batik quilt. All of the batiks have a western theme.  It’s a great setting to showcase all of them..and the colors are beautiful & rich.

I did quilt a cowboy boot…but it was difficult to see them with the lighting So I tried to get some close ups of a few:

IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387

LOL….see how the lighting is not my friend these days> ?


Tired a different location…not sure>?

It’s a great quilt! IMG_0388

All kinds of cowboy boots.

She also made this Chopper ( that’s what they are called right? I really have no idea..I have just heard the term..but I could totally be wrong. Ask me about all things girlie..and I got ya!) The motorcycle is all cut from one piece. of fabric and fused on. WOWZA!


I quilted flames after I filled in the bike….I want wants everything to stay secure. IMG_0391

Thanks Bonnie! It’s a pleasure working with you!



Peaks & Valleys

This is a pattern by Jo & Kelly Kramer. They have a blog here. The pattern is also on Moda Bake shop, here.

I love their patterns. They offer free patterns on their blog, the Moda Bake Shop and they submit regularly to magazines. They have traditional and more modern designs. I also love her honest down home type of blog. Many recipes and gardening tips as well.



I have made other patterns of theirs as well. But as soon as I saw this one I knew I would make it one day…..I just didn’t know when. I had saved it and it seems these things always have a way of coming around in the perfect timing. I had a bunch of hose bubbly gum..girly scraps that I loved…and I wanted to put them in the same quilt.  I knew I would love it. :)  I used scraps of solid gray and white for my background …or setting chevron. I figured it would be fine no matter what my scraps were because they all have patterns. It worked out well.



This quilt had the perfect size units to make the most of the scraps I had..and I was very familiar with my tri-recs ruler after working on a few Bonnie Hunter quilts. :) I did take some time this last week to get it quilted. I knew It would be simple and it wouldn’t take me very long. Plus I just like having one of my own finishes every once in awhile. :)  Can you see how a little bit of yellow goes a long way? I love yellow. I had barely any blue..everything is pink & red. That’s very typical of me. I wonder if I will ever not love pink as much? It’s been a long time….like 37 years??? and I still love it!


I also used scarps for the back. I did pull stash to piece together….but then saw a bunch of scraps from other backings I had cut….and decided to just go ahead and strip those and use them.  I love it so much!


There are flannel and cotton strips in there….which kind of makes my heart pitter-patter because in my house we are very aware of textures and we love to mix them. :)

Have a great day!




Cole’s First Car

Cole finally got his license. YAY! He passed his test but still had to wait 9 days before we could order it because he had to have his permit for 6 months before he could get his actual license. Poor kid..he passes the test and still couldn’t drive. ha! But that is over and he is now official. He is a driver!



Of all the kids I have to say I am most proud of him and his car purchase. He has a 2008 Chevy Impala. It took every last dollar he had to pay his 6 months of insurance and purchase his car. But before he decided to make this purchase he made his pro-con list. What really had him freaked out was spending all of his money. He didn’t want to be bankrupt. He didn’t want to have to worry about gas money and fun money. ( I am exactly the same way! When I don’t have a savings account I get all bidgegety ) But after his list and many discussions between parents ect. We explained that having a nice car that will last a long time ( probably through college) is a wise investment. You don’t want to buy a less expensive car and sink a bunch of money into it all of the time. There will always be enough odd jobs for parents to pay gas money. :)



He worked hard all summer at the pool. Took on any extra shifts and stayed late anytime they asked. He had quilting money….and birthday & Christmas money. Saving really pays off. :)

I am really proud of choices he is making in his personal life. He is a straight A student and an athlete.  He is in this terrible transition stage with his friends..growing apart and it’s been difficult for him. But I praise him for staying on the straight & narrow. I couldn’t be more proud of him, honestly.

So looking to his future ( As I always do) I only see good things coming his way. I like that he thinks everything out and that he always thinks about his future.

So here’s to a new chapter in our lives.




Flower Baskets and Modern Improv

Judy is the sweetest person. I met her at a show a few years back….and we were kindred spirits. It’s amazing how that happens, right? It’s a God thing.

She sent these 2 beauties.


All of these baskets are needle turn applique. Beautiful. She used tons of wovens for the backgrounds and I can’t think of the name of the type of fabrics….They fall in the Asian category..but i think they have a special name?? It’s lost on me right now. Anyway The pictures and lighting aren’t giving this quilt justice. It’s so beautiful…and full of textures due to the type of fabrics. I also love the colors and the feeling of it all.

Great job, JUDY!

IMG_0398 IMG_0399

I quilted the tops of the baskets with all the same back & forth lines..then added textures to the bottoms of each one with different designs.

IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402


I framed it all in with a  feather. In the pieced blocks..I put a different design in each one. All of the textures and different blocks provides so much interest. Beautiful quilt.



This next one is a modern quilt. Judy wasn’t real fond of it after she had finished it…but I think it’s beautiful. It’s difficult to see but a few of the fabrics all have a kind of sheen to them…kind of like metallic..but not overwhelming. It’s just enough to add interest.

IMG_0393 IMG_0394

So I was thinking different organic-non-straight lines would be perfect for this quilt. so that’s what I quilted. I went through with a  brown colored thread…then I went back with a sage green color as well. Nothing to dramatic….but again I wanted to add some interest.



Look at this backing: WOWZA!


So beautiful!

Thanks Judy! Always a pleasure talking with you!