Flower Baskets In Full Bloom

Annette Sent this quilt. She and I have traded countless times. I love ALL of her projects. She is a true artist. :)


Her mom does all of the embroidery and then she sets them and designs quilts for them. They make a great team and I am so blessed to quilt for her.

I tried to get several pics of the quilt…not very good lighting and my pictures honestly don’t do this quilt any justice. :(

019 020I quilted flowers, feathers, fans and Charisma curls.

021 022 023Different angles and filters trying to find the right way to show this quilt. It’s all 30’s themed fabrics and sets off those baskets so well.

024 025

Thanks Annette! I shipped it back on Monday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

026 027Many blessings to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Chocolat et Creme

One of my most favorite books is called “Fresh Vintage Sewing” By Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree quilts.

You can buy it here.

The reason I bought the book several years ago was to make this quilt. But I hadn’t made it until a few years ago..and just now got it quilted. I made two of them. I also made two of another quilt in this book and I have everything ready in a kit to make another one of the quilts that I have always loved.  There are several projects in the book. Not just quilts.

021I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the red star in the center. It’s just my sort of thing. So when I quilted it I wanted to highlight that even more.

022 023I quilted feathers, Charisma Curls, ruler work, swirls…and a tiny stipple in the center. 024 025Here’s another view:

026The back:

027So a funny thing happened while I was making this quilt.

The way in which you make the stars is by making flying geese so I had all of those cut offs. Instead of putting them back into my scrap bin…I just squared them up and made a second identical quilt…although it is smaller of course.  It was quick & easy since everything was already done and I did it right away…so I didn’t really have to think about it. It worked out lovely.

004If you all knew how much of this red border fabric has made it into my quilts. It’s an April Cornell. I bought about 8 yards of it and I have used it in so many things. I just love it. It’s YEARS old. But I still have a smidge left.

005 006I wanted to quilt this one a bit differently since I had 2 of them. So this one has roses, feathery swirls, continuous curves and feathers.

007 008 009And a scrappy back:

010I am pretty happy to get some of these UFO’s done. It’s a great feeling! I am just going to keep working on them. Its’ amazing how long I have let some things sit ……It’s my goal for 2016. To have empty “to be quilted bins” I am not sure I have enough time. :) ( that’s 15 months…..but if you only knew how many I had….but more than that ….how many have stumped me)

Thanks a bunch for following along!




Flying Geese and Batik Waves

Sharon brought these to me. She is a sewer and crafter. I think she sells her quilts to support her hobby. Isn’t that what we all do?

028This first one is Batiks…so beautiful! They are curved HST’s set in a way to make that X design. It really makes a statement doesn’t it? She is gifting this to a friend.

025 026 027I quilted ferns in the light pathways..and bubbles in the dark ones.

Here’s the pieced back:

029This second one is a fabulous quilt! She has decided to keep this for herself. She loves the bubble fabric….

020I think she showcased it well. I love the flying geese.

021 022I quilted bubbles, continuous curves, swirls and l’s. It all came together nicely.

024Here’s the back:

023Thanks Sharon! It was a pleasure quilting for you again!

Many blessings




Quote Quilt

003This Quote is by Laura Ingalls Wilder ( I believe)

How many times can a laugh just make everything better?

I love laughing. I love my family because they can always make me laugh. I can’t imagine a life without laughter.

Laughing is good.


Baby Prairie Points

Debra brought this to me . It’s a gift for a friend….Isn’t it sweet?


She did a great job. She wanted an all over flower design….of course I avoided quilting over the prairie points.

018 019I love the pieced back! So cute!

Thanks Debra! It was a pleasure meeting you!

I hope you all have a great weekend!