Rob’s 41st Birthday

Today is Rob’s Birthday. I usually don’t write much to him or about him on his big day.

But for some reason I thought I should today. Not because you all want to hear any mushy stuff about him or anything. But because Rob checks my blog pretty regularly and I write nice things to our children…..and I leave him out. Usually, because it’s easy to express my love to my children and be very open about that…..But for Rob it seems to be something I should keep more private or close to my heart. I don’t know if that is a personal thing or a politically correct thing? I don’t know.  Rob and I aren’t mushy-sugary sweet ….weirdos that need to be groping each other so everyone around us thinks we are in love. We know we are in love. So anyway….

Rob I am blessed that you were born 41 years ago. I know God had a plan for us. We have both tried to sabotage that plan in different ways but through  perseverance and  God showing us the way we have gotten back onto his plan. I thank God everyday for bringing you to me. NO matter how we came into the world or who brought us in…we are here and we have each other. You are a great leader to our family and a great man to our children. You are my biggest cheerleader and my best friend. NO matter what-> I know you are in my corner. That gives me great peace….nobody (human)  has ever provided that to me before you. I appreciate that more than you will ever realize.

Rob you make me laugh everyday…even if it is because you are making fun of me. Not that I think it’s funny that you make fun of me…but because you chuckle when you make fun of me. The answer is still NO!-> you don’t get to quit your job and start a You-tube career making fun of me…my psyche can’t handle that kind of ridicule.

Rob you are very difficult to live with..I won’t sugar coat that in any way shape or form. You complain non-stop about lots of things. It’s a good thing I am a positive person (mostly)…so I can handle that .:(  On top of the complaining you are a slob. But I will not complain about that ( for obvious reasons) But I am willing to compromise with that ( most days) because I love the support you offer. I love that you will defend your family to the end and that you will go out of your comfort zone to make sure we are healthy. Not all men would do that.

Rob I have to say that recently we had a disagreement. I was wounded ( in the circumstances) and after I thought about it …I expressed my disappointment in the situation and before I even expressed that to you …you were going to come to me and apologize because you had changed your mind in the circumstance…..I love that we can communicate to each other without fighting or hurting one another. I appreciate so much that you feel comfortable telling me that you were wrong and in that moment I felt such relief. It made me feel secure as a woman. Not secure that you were wrong…but secure that you could admit it because your original position had made me doubt you. That little bit of doubt for just a few hours had upset me…..It made me feel like I didn’t even know who you were. Once you got all of the facts you realized the truth. A little miscommunication can cause such havoc.

I love that you are an animal lover. I don’t want to live on an Arc or anything. But It warms my heart that you passed that down to a few of our children. I love that you take time to teach the kids things that they need to learn. I love that you reach out to the teen men in our house to teach them how to honor women. I love that you take in all of the neighborhood kids as your own as well. One of my favorite stories about that when the kids were younger is when a fatherless kid would come around all of the time to stay at our house…He loved being here. But one Saturday morning He was talking to the boys and asking “Hey when is your dad getting up?” …” Is your dad going to come out & play with us again today?” …”Hey, Will Your dad be here?” That pretty much sums it up. You have always been here for all of the kids-> ours or not. That speaks volumes about your character and the man you are. You feed them, play with them and nurture them.  Bryce summed it up a few months ago when he was describing you..he said “Dad is always in my corner no matter what I do”. I think that is really how we all feel about you. I think that is a magnificent thing for a man & father to represent.

So I just wanted to share all of that with you so that you know how much-> I love you. You are an amazing Man, Husband and Father. I hope you realize that. I do take you for granted….I am sorry for that…..mostly. LOL. I do realize how blessed I am to have you in my life. I see how beautiful your heart is everyday in little things. I appreciate that more that you know. Happy Birthday, my love.

Love always



Rainbow Patches

Annette sent this quilt for quilting. She & I have along standing trade going on…she makes beautiful quilts from my scraps…and I quilt for her. I love all of her work.

She has a great sense of color…she makes great use of fabrics and she does amazing things with my scraps!


But this is her own quilt and she is gifting this to a 10 year old girl. I learned recently that Annette doesn’t use any of her own quilts. She keeps a few but she doesn’t use them? Are you one of those quilters? I use mine all of the time. I even use the ones Annette makes …..several times a day. :)



I quilted all over Charisma Curls…..I just love the colors and the movement it all creates together.

003This would be a fabulous way to use scraps….do you all organize your scraps by color? I have seen a few systems that do that. I tend to organize mine by size…if I actually think about it or spend time organizing them like I should. But mostly I get impatient and throw them all into one bin. :)

004 005Thanks Annette! Always a pleasure! I hope you have a wonderful day!


Rosey Stars

Nadine sent this to me for quilting. :)

It’s beautiful…he focal fabric is a beautiful print with different types of flowers & roses.


It had a lot of colors to pull from and she did a beautiful job choosing many fabrics to bring this pattern all together.

There are stars and great ares for quilting. So I quilted, feathers, wreaths, charisma Curls and flowers.

028 029 030It’s a huge quilt with lots of great space to showcase theHere  quilting. But the lighting here hasn’t been all that great so capture it in the photos. :(

031 032 033  Here is a picture of the back:

026Thanks Nadine! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Blessings to all of you for a fabulous week!


Diamonds in the Sky

Bev dropped off this quilt and gave me free reign to quilt how I wanted. She said it was going to be a wall-hanging so heavy was acceptable.



YAY! I love those projects. I saw diamonds right away…some of the prints had a tribal type feeling to them …and diamonds just spoke to me

010I love how you can completely change the look of a pattern or quilt with quilting. I used a gold metallic thread because many of the fabrics had metallic weaved in as well. Just an added extra touch..especially in that border. It worked out to beautifully.

009 008I wanted to add in a bunch of different textures in those center rectangles to bring more life into the quilting. :)

006 007This will be in the Wenatchee Quilt show ….Which is in September…so if any locals want to see it up should be there. :) YAY!

The back:

011Thanks Bev! Thank you all for looking!





Cole is 17 Today.

Today is Cole’s 17th Birthday. I can hardly believe time has passed that quickly.


Cole came into the world very fast…..I was 3 weeks early and wasn’t in that much pain…I walked into the ER asking to be checked…because I thought maybe I was in false labor. I was dilated to 8.5. The nurse asked me to push ..and his head was out…..she told me to stop pushing..I told her “No.” LOL>

Due to that fast birth he had some breathing issues ect and had to be in a bubble for several days. We have always had a good support system and after he came home, all was well.

I remember all of the fears I had about him quickly dissipated and he has always been really strong & healthy. He had asthma as a young one…but other than that….only good health.

Cole is very sensitive, logical and loyal. He is the most hard working, studious and solid kid we have. He finds joy in accomplishing things himself. He likes the feeling of a good hard days worth of work.

One of my most favorite things about Cole is his ability to express himself in a thoughtful way. He has learned to communicate. A few years ago he sat Rob & I down to tell us that he would appreciate more “Atta boys.” He feels that he would perform better if he felt appreciated. Now as a mom-wife-mother…..I appreciate that so much! If you tell me what you need so I can give that to you…please do that. I can’t guess ….I will most likely get it wrong. To get a teenager or a man to be able to communicate that….that is a miracle. His future wife will thank me for that!

Cole also pulled Rob aside to talk to him more recently. When Rob gets upset or frustrated about something he cusses. I hate that. I really do. I have told Rob that he will get no where with me if he starts that…..because I shut down. I don’t cuss at my family. I don’t call names….I just don’t. That’s how I grew up and I don’t like it…at all. Cole told Rob that it makes him feel bad when Rob does that….He would appreciate if Rob would try to work on limiting that. I was proud that Cole felt comfortable enough to do that. Now I can’t say Rob is happy about that. Rob is having to learn how to filter himself in moments when he doesn’t want to….well it’s part of growing up and respecting our families. It’s also a good role-model to show our kids that it’s possible. So that when they struggle…Rob can say “well I did this…so it’s possible for you to conquer _____.” (just a side note. Rob doesn’t focus those words at our kids or anything…’s just at the situation ect…I don’t want you to think he cusses at our kids or calls them names…he doesn’t.)

I love that my family can do this with each other. That these things are possible…because I didn’t not have a family where this dialogue could happen.

Cole loves Clothes & shoes. I think holding a certain image and pride in his appearance is what will be his downfall. He has a nice car…and he is probably not the best driver in our house. His car is showing the signs….along with his pocket book. But that’s OK. Lessons are being learned.

The thing that I love about Cole is that he is detail oriented. He always has been. Even as a young child..he would sit back & watch for awhile…make his decision and then try whatever it was that we were teaching him or doing. Bryce never did that…he was the older brother that just dove in with 2 feet and it turned out the way it turned out..good or bad. Cole always had to figure out what seemed like the best option to him at the time & go from there-> because he at least always wants the best for that time. Always. When he was little and still to this day he will say thoughtful things like “Mom, I am always going to remember this day” or “Mom This is so special to me” Or “Mom I really appreciate all of this”…..but because he himself thinks of those little things he recognizes them when others do them….I find that so endearing.

Cole’s Girlfriend and a family friend had a Surprise party for Cole Last weekend. It was so sweet…..His girlfriend even made a cake. It was a Bull’s Jersey with Cole’s name and some other details….Immediately, Cole asked me to send him the picture because I knew he appreciate all of the work she went to to make that cake.  It was a nice party and we all had a great time. It was a moment for me..because someone else gave a party for my son. It’s a sign that they are all growing up and I no longer get to control or do everything for them. I am ok with that…but it makes me think ….and I do sort of long for those days when they were little and life was so much easier.

I am extremely proud of Cole…all that he is becoming. Watching him grow into the Solid man that he needs to be. I know that I will never really need to worry about him. He is a solid type guy. He is a middle child and he loves everyone. He wants everyone to feel included and he goes out of his way to be happy and make everyone feel welcome. When he was little my Uncle tagged him with the nicname “Bobble Head”…..because Cole was always happy….bobbin around like a bobble head. That has all pretty much stayed the same. He laughs a lot, he is happy and he hates fighting. He will never go out of his way to hurt anyone intentionally and he tries to be nice to everyone. Even if he really doesn’t like someone..he will be nice to them. Not even everyone in our house has that type of heart. I am proud of that.  Cole will also be vulnerable when he needs to be….it’s part of his communication process. I know that is difficult for men..especially in our testosterone laden house…But Cole is a fine example of that.

Cole is also the mediator of the house. Typical of the middle child. He tends to forgive easily and look past people faults. He would rather we all get along. But he won’t compromise himself (mostly) to accomplish that. Which I love. I love that he hold firms to his beliefs. He is very difficult to discipline ( He & Carl Both) because they are pleasers and don’t want to feel pain or hurt anyone.  If Cole thinks for one moment that he has disappointed any of his eats him alive. He’s a typical over achiever and works hard to maintain that. Perfectionist ( which will be his downfall). I totally understand him before he says anything. LOL.

As a mom I think there will never be enough words to describe how it has been to raise up my boys. There is something so special about raising up boys that I never-ever want it to end. I am completely & totally bias…but my boys are handsome, intelligent and to be treasured. I will do anything to protect them and make sure that I have supplied them with all of the skills they need to go out into the world.

A favorite Cole memory……..I was always worried about Cole because he was Bryce’s shadow. There are very few times in their lives when they have been separated or that they haven’t wanted to be together for anything. With Bryce leaving a few weeks’s difficult for Cole…honestly they have a special bond. They are the 2 closest siblings we have. Cole & Bryce are only 20 months apart in age…but due to where their birthdays fall in the calendar year they are 2 years apart in school. So when I took Cole to meet his kindergarten teacher and do all of the things to prep for kindergarten…It wasn’t even the first day of school….( it was a week before) It was the first time he didn’t have me or Bryce answering questions for him…or telling him what to do. Rob and I stood to the side to let him interact with his teacher and go through all of the testing.

It was the first time I saw him as a boy/man. Not a baby. You know when you raise your kids that you get a glimpse here or there or what the future will hold? Right? I think maybe only parents get this. Well as he was interacting with his teacher….he shook her hand and introduced himself….in a very manly way. He answered the questions thoughtfully and intelligently.  I immediately started crying….because I was assured 100% that he didn’t need us. It was the first time I had gotten that glimpse of what a man he would be….and it took me by surprise. I think only Moms get it…because trying to explain that to Rob at the time..he thought I was just nuts. But even though I wasn’t ready for him to enter school..he was ready and he showed me that day.

So it wasn’t some funny thing he said….it wasn’t a funny antic or anything. It was just him. Just Cole being Cole.

I appreciate that.

So I just want to Say Happy Birthday to my dear Son. I love you more than you can imagine. God gave you to me because he knew I would need you in my life. The calm in the storm. Thank you for being you.

Love always & forever, Mom