GFG and Modern Ferns

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Carol is really prolific….and I don’t know that she has ever made a small quilt? At least none that I have seen. *wink* LOL

I love this GFG. She wanted all over feathers but a little something extra for the flowers…..funny enough right before she sent me that request I had pinned a quilt on pinterest that I thought was pretty because of the loopies she had put in the petals. I have quilted a few GFG’s and I usually make each flower a flower design…never thought of those and thought it was pretty. Perfect timing! IMG_6131IMG_6129


The beachy looking batik quilt just reminded me of sunny days on a beach….all over go to batik design fit that bill. Great job as always Carol!    IMG_6119IMG_6120IMG_6122

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  1. BILLIE July 17, 2020 at 10:10 am - Reply

    Do you have the pattern for GFG quilt? Love the quilting.

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