Quilts for Florence

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Florence and I have exchanged many quilts between the two of us.

However, this last week our very first collaboration placed first in category and also Grand champion in her local fair (Oregon) That quilt is here.

She is a fabulous piecer.

These quilts are no exception.

IMG_6094 IMG_6095 IMG_6096IMG_6093


This firstone I recognized as a pattern in Heather Bailey’s book…I can’t remember the name…but it focus on using big prints of fabric. I was thinking of this pattern for my Parisville line of fabric..that’s why I remember.   Anyway I just really felt it needed custom quilting and I had fun adding texture to each area. Feathers, Charisma curls, B&F lines…..beautiful!


Then the next one I quilted all over Charisma Curls because the focus print was really lavish with designs that went along the same lines.


IMG_6097 IMG_6099 IMG_6100


This last one is one of my favorite scrappy patterns. Honestly…they are simple blocks and have such a variety and i love the pattern it creates. I quilted continuous curves in all the squares and stippled in the white.  IMG_6091IMG_6091

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  1. jolinda August 14, 2013 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    Hi charisma
    I got the package in the mail thanks so much. It was kind of interesting last sunday at church I was surprised to see a hymn ‘bloom where you are planted’ in the book. I know it has always been there but I never saw it. It prompted me to share how you have been an inspiration to me. so thanks again and don’t stop sharing what God has been doing.

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