Vintage Quilts

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Sue sent these quilts to me. I think she said her mom had pieced them years ago and she wanted to finish them. Isn’t that special? I just love that…I always think quilts need to be finished. That way they can be loved and used.

One of them is this baby Double wedding ring. It was pieced beautifully. There was also a design penciled in for the centers. they were hand quilting designs.IMG_5608 IMG_5609

So I am sure that was the original intention….but I don’t hand quilt. :) Sue said I could quilt any motif I wanted in that space. But I thought I could translate that motif into a machine quilt design just by filling in the lines.   IMG_5627-001

So that’s what I did. I love it! what I love most about it is that I can accomplish the original intention of the maker rather than put my spin on it. It’s really all about her not me. IMG_5626 IMG_5625-001

Then there is this blue one. The blue squares were a perfect area to add some quilted roses. IMG_5643-001 

I also quilted Feathers, continuous curves and charisma curls.   IMG_5640 IMG_5644IMG_5641

Love the pieced back. :)


Then we have the burgundy quilt. This got a dose of all over Charisma Curls. Beautiful! You can find the pattern for this on Bonnie Hunter’s site ( I think…But I have no idea the name? ) It’s a 9 patch with alternating hour glass blocks.


The pieced back..Beautiful!IMG_5636

Thanks Sue! It’s a pleasure working with you!

I hope these warm you with a hug!

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