Vintage Quilt ~ Make me Starry Eyed

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My most favorite all over design is a Baptist fan. I absolutely love Baptist fans. It’s traditionally an hand quilting design. So I have templates that I used until now…. The problem with the templates is that they are not “traditional ” Baptist fans. They don’t actually touch or meet. There is a gap. and it was difficult to get them perfect.

Well I bought this vintage quilt top. Some of the fabrics are dated in the 1900’s. then 3-‘s feedsacks were added at some point ect. You can see there are some blocks that were pieced wrong ect. It makes it more charming in my humble opinion.

I Love that there are not only mistakes in the piecing…but scraps were used so the blocks aren’t all uniform. If you look closely you can see that some of the feedsack material has the logos and info of the items that were in the sacks.

there was also a lot of looseness because it was pieced before rotary cutting ect.

So I asked Rob if he could quilt proper Baptist fans on the computer. Honestly, this was no easy task. You have to match everything up perfectly…there is a ton of manipulation every time you advance the quilt. Plus he’s a perfectionist and was really trying to keep the puckers on the top  from happening. I did use 2 layers of batting to help ease some of those puckers in and fill everything in a bit more. I used a layer of cotton and 80/20 so that when I wash it, it will get that vintage crinkly look that old quilts have.

Rob did an AMAZING job! There were no gaps..not one overlap and no puckers. I didn’t even think that was a possibility. He is a rockstar!!

pretty much in love..with Rob and the quilt.

I also feel great completing a quilt that is 100 years in the making. It was time for it to be complete and be used. I love that.





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  1. Patricia January 7, 2018 at 7:13 am

    Good Morning Dear
    The Baptist fans is one of my favorites too. The quilt is beyond
    beautiful. You guys did a great job.. enjoy lying u ter it
    and to think about the stories it could tell you .
    Hugs and kisses

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