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First of all is Tisha’s IRR. I have had this a lot longer than I should have….Honestly I am holding up everyone….thankfully I am not the only one. So our group is pretty understanding. I am finishing up another one today as well…and then I will be caught up. I think I will only have one more to go.

IMG_3809 IMG_3810


I had planned some criss-cross blocks. I messed them up and didn’t have enough fabrics to start all over. So I needed a plan “B” While looking through my significant stash to find matching colors…the colors are actually not all that easy to match up. but I found this border print that was sort of vintage looking. I thought hmmmm…..I wonder if that will work? Oddly, I usually don’t buy border prints. They are never straight on the grain…..they are so specific. So usually if I buy them I buy them for a specific plan or project. This one I didn’t. I just fell in love with it I had to have it and I didn’t buy anything matching ( at least that I know of) I know it’s Moda ( 3 Sisters) and it’s vintage ( maybe Christmas) Inspired. The steel blue color wasn’t a perfect match for the center..but the red and tan colors are…so I debated awhile and decided to take it to the owner and see if she liked it? She loved it….I love it too. I think it’s actually better than my original plan. That makes me feel good.


I have also owned this Loricle board for quite some time:


Lily Template

I have been wanting to test it out. It makes the orange peel sort of ( all-over) design. on your quilt. I was pleasantly surprised about how easy it was to line up and quilt. All of the designs are half it’s actually really easy. I marked the template like they suggested and it was easy as pie. So this is the practice quilt I worked on. Donna pieced this quilt years ago….I remember the retreat she brought it to. HEHE. I added the borders to make it a bit bigger. The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter’s Site.   The pattern is called Strip Twist. Perfect for a jelly roll. So it got an all over Lily design….Loricle boards are the best! I don’t use any pantographs or anything.  IMG_3823IMG_3824IMG_3820IMG_3817IMG_3816IMG_3815

I don’t want anyone to think I would lay a customer quilt out in the snow..only my own. :) But the light is so great and captures the colors so well. A pieced them. IMG_3821


I also do a meal trading plan with my friend Penny. It’s such a great plan. Last week when we delivered dinner, Penny had a gift for Rob. She had found this shirt..not in his size..(darn!)…but she bought it anyway so I could make him a pillow for his couch. Rob is famous  notorious for his comments on FB. He and I get into FB wars…and hijack each others posts ( and sometimes some of our friends) with our witty wars….and he purposely tries to get me riled up with “Go Make me a SAMMICH woman!” UGH! I could just smack him sometimes.  Even when I got home from Haiti he had a smart comment about how I should make him a sammich….*eye-roll* even weeks after people were asking me if I came home and made him a sandwich…Umm I don’t think so. He has two hands and two feet he can make his own!IMG_3822

Don’t you all just wish you could be a fly on our wall? hehe.


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  1. Karin December 27, 2012 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    Hey there Charisma! Merry Christmas!! Your added row is spectacular – a perfect addition! I thought that right away, then I read the backstory and have to marvel at how the good Lord works! Amazing, isn’t it, that you bought it, kept it and had it to use for your friend.

    The orange peel quilting is also the perfect accent to those spinning wheels, they just add to the motion, without overpowering the blocks. Very cool indeed.

    (and I still have your box of scraps, btw, almost all put together! and only a year and a half later, oiks!)

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