Scrappy Vomit X Two!

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well this week has been consumed with these two quilts! IMG_4057 IMG_4058

The site for this free pattern is here.

I had this bin of 2.5 inch strips that was over flowing and difficult to open and shut. So instead of jumping on the scrappy trip along…..I wanted to make these. I had spotted this a long time ago…but couldn’t justify starting something new…until this last week. It took me a week to make both of these queen size quilts…and they are quite the stash busters. I matched up like size strips in piles…and then sewed panels of them to create my squares rather than sewing each square one by one. Frankly I don’t have time for that and I am not picky as to placement of fabs.IMG_4056 IMG_4055

Now ask me is my bin is empty? After two queen size quilts, a 9-path a day, and a scrappy jelly race ( twin I will post pictures after it’s quilted) this week it is still not empty. It’s not a HUGE drawer. But the problem is the more I piece… the more scraps I create. for half a day it was empty …except a few brown strips. IMG_4052 IMG_4051

I also used scraps from other quilt backs and stash cuts of fabric to piece the backs for all of these. When I used to buy fabrics I would buy novelty and strange cuts ( what I think are strange now anyway)  SO I am using those….and de-stashing them. The problem is I noticed that now I am dwindling those single cuts of fabric out of my stash. I started this horrible habit when working at the shop of buying a whole line ( well the colorway or amount of line) of fabric rather than picking specific cuts. I rarely use only one line of fabric for a quilt….unless it was a kit or something…but I seem paralyzed to use the lines of fabric in my they are so pretty I don’t want to ruin them…or I don’t want to use them because I know I won’t be able to get them again..this is so I am not ever going to like anything new that comes out? So then I started sorting my stash last night looking for all those odd ball single cuts of fabric. Why? I have no idea. Like I have nothing better to do. I think I just want them all located in one area so I can visually know what I have to work with…but also because I just like playing with my fabs. It’s a funny thing isn’t it?IMG_4050

So these quilts are quite the sash busters..however I did use a new border for the teal quilt.  I wasn’t planning on it..but I bought this Amy fab last week and brought it home last night and set it down next to the quilt and then realized it looked pretty and I cut it up…Thank God I can go get some more. LOL.   As much as I am trying to use what I have…and not buy as much..Amy Butler fabrics don’t count. If my shop gets them in..I buy them because she orders so few of them…that I must. Plus she’s my favorite designer..and I hoard them. I seriously need to start using some of my Amy stash. IMG_4054 IMG_4053

Well I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend! A few of my Besties will be here and we are going to have lots of fun!


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