Scrappy Orphan Improv

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Well I just couldn’t help myself last night. I pinned on another scrappy.IMG_4585

Karin sent me this quilt ( you can see at the bottom of the post) It’s a beautiful quilt…I am thinking of quilting it for a graduation gift. I am going back and forth because sometimes i find it hard to part with my quilts…I know weird? I used to give everything away….nobody would have known I was quilter if they came to my house…now they are everywhere so there is no denying it….LOL. But I just want to make sure whomever I gift a quilt to ..that they will love it and treasure it. to much time, work and money goes into them. I am thinking of gifting it to the only friend that has made it through school with Jeri. Jeri had a group of several girls that she started school with …..and several of them have gone down the wrong road..they either aren’t graduating because of drugs and trouble..or they got pregnant. There are a few that haven’t gone down that road but their friendships didn’t withstand…some due to their fault..but also due to my daughter ( normal girl stuff) . She made it through with one friend.  So anyway….I will keep you updated as to whether or not I will gift the scrappy quilt Karin sent to me….IMG_4584

But Karin sent back her scraps with the top she sewed for me….and I put together the left over pieces and added somethings to make them all fit together…and then I had these scrappy stars from a quilt I made years ago… Jane quilted for me.    So instead of having all of these orphan blocks I decided to make something with them…I just meshed them and used scraps of background fabrics from my scrap bin.  I kind of played with the arrangement and made it so the stars would travel out of the box….I could attach so much “philosophy” as to why I chose this  ….but in reality ..I just liked it best. It works. :)  I made this a few days after I got the quilt back from Karin….so it’s been sitting for awhile. I didn’t know if I should share it cause I wasn’t “In love” with it until I quilted it. Sometimes quilting makes all the difference. {Although you might expect me to say something like that? yes? no?}IMG_4582 IMG_4581

So I loaded it on the frame last night to give it a channel lock crosshatch treatment *heart*

Love it! IMG_4580 IMG_4579

I just love when I can make something from nothing.

I hope you all have a great day!IMG_4583





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  1. Karin March 25, 2013 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    I recognize those purple & white wedges! And a whole lotta those other strips too!

    Love the stars you made to go with & what an honor it would be for you to gift a top I’d made! Of course, YOUR QUILTING is what makes them so beautiful & brings them all to life!!

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