Scrappy Chevron

Well last month…Maybe? Or in March….maybe? I pieced this quilt. I was again trying to use scraps from my 5 inch charm bin. Moda has this really great pattern on their site called the Patchwork Chevron. It’s by Jeni Baker….and it goes together very fast and easy. I made one another time too…listed here. IMG_5041

I decided to pull out all of the charms that were novelty prints or childish type colors. I wanted to sort those out so I could see what all I had left for another project. So over the course of two days I had this quilt top completed between other jobs.  HOORAY!IMG_5039 IMG_5038

Sally won the raffle for free quilting ( for the sponsor a Haiti missionary project)..and she has been working on a fabulous quilt. She gave it to me on Sunday and asked for the SWIRLS board by Loricles. Here’s the thing…I have never used that board myself. I usually do my swirls free hand. So …….I needed to practice it. You might think it’s easy…but for me it’s not. I am such a free thinker that following the board isn’t..and you really do have to learn the pathways sometimes..before just putting a quilt on and  going for it.  I am so glad I did because …..I do have some flubs. Sally’s is almost complete ( it has a few flubs too..but I think she will forgive me ) …so I can’t wait to show you all her hard work!IMG_5037

So anyway I think the Swirls compliment this quilt well..and it served its’ purpose..I used scraps, It was used for practice…(there are even scraps on the back)…and it will make someone very’s a twin size…I didn’t even have to put borders on it..LOVE! IMG_5040

Thanks Sally for stretching me!

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  1. Virginia May 8, 2013 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    Cute, cute, cute!

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