Scrappy Bubbles

IMG_4896OK so I decided to go ahead and try this Bubbles board from loricles again. I kind of gave up on it…cause it was stressful for me. I love the design….but the flubs when I did it the first couple of times were insane…and I just couldn’t get the hang of lining it up properly. IMG_4892

But decided to revisit this process. I was having problems with the board for a bit because my leaders were crooked..and I figured out that problem…fixed it…and that made it all so much easier. Then I worked with some other boards and concentrated on custom quilting with them so I could get the ins & outs of using them. IMG_4893

So I decided with this last batch of scrappy quilts that Nan sent me to go ahead and try to use the Mod bubbles again. I can’t ever just give up. I need to do a post on all of the quilts Nan sent me cause she sent some really great ones (again) but it is windy out and they won’t lay flat…):IMG_4894

I can say it’s much better..I think the stress of it lining up well was a relief…there are still plenty of flubs…but I am OK with that….for my own use. I will offer this board for others if they are aware it won’t be perfect ( like computer quilting)….I also think that other people are better at the templates than I am…honestly.  following a line is stressful for me. LOL I am too much of a free thinker. IMG_4895

I had this backing in my stash. I pulled it out the other night when I decided to piece some backings. I have received a few donation quilt tops and my scrappy quilts back. I am trying to piece backings from my stash using all of those cuts of fabrics that don’t have partners….or that I bought on sale thinking I would use it for something. I am getting to the point of only having “sets” of fabric. Instead of single cuts.  I don’t know what is better? It seems more impromptu to have odd and end fabrics to choose from…but when you buy sets of the same line you don’t have to think about all just comes together. But you know my problem with that? I never want to cut into them…and I hardly stick to one line of fabric. So I will have to think about this.   IMG_4897

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