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I have a thing for scrappies.

What is it about scrap quilts? Well it’s the whole “No pressure” thing. Nothing has to match …there are no such thing as themes. There is no rhyme or reason to the madness.

Well at least in some scrap cases. Some times it’s necessary to match or coordinate. But mostly they are just a stress reliever. I especially love to improv piece because you make something from nothing. I have been improv piecing my whole quilting career..I just didn’t know the term for it. But we have all done it ( maybe?)

In this case I used leftover squares from the Monthly calendar quilt and made this table runner. Why let them go to waste?IMG_3980 IMG_3979


I also made this round flower table topper/wall-hanging? I just love the wedge ruler..and how interesting round quilt looks. Why? I have no idea…just because they are different. I pieced the backing from all of theĀ  leftover scraps I have been chopping off the back of other quilts. I made several around Christmas and I had plenty of scraps. I have been trying to cut up the scraps as I create them and put them in my organizational bins…but I get tired of doing that. It all happens so quickly. LOL I usually just want to move on…patience? Maybe?IMG_3977 IMG_3976 IMG_3975


The back.IMG_3978



Time to get back in the studio..I need to add a round to an IRR….and maybe make a pillow for my DH.


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  1. Deb January 6, 2013 at 11:57 pm - Reply

    You got any 2 or 2.5 inch scrap strips? Or any strips that could be cut to that? Once I send B’s trade to you, I will be looking for a way to pay for my 3 GD’s quilts. You once mentioned you like pineapple quilts?

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