Scrappie Trades Rollin in on Fed Ex

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IMG_4305Florence and I have worked together one time…just last month…and she saw the scrappy trade deal on the blog. She asked if I would send some scraps back with her quilt. I said..”oh sure”IMG_4306

WOW! Speedy ….she has already sent this box back with 4 quilt tops…3 of them are baby quilts…but still..that’s pretty speedy! She was a woman on a mission! It also looks as if the scraps have not even been used cause she sent lots back! How does that happen? I know I have about a million quilt tops sitting in my stash…just because fabric seems to multiply….that is unless there is that one fabric you are short 2 inches of..LOL ( we have all been there haven’t we?)IMG_4304

Anyway…cute quilts! I am excited to have all these quilts rolling in…my “to be quilted bin” is now two bins..LOL and that’s perfectly fine. I seem to feel better when that is the case….I would rather have 20 flimsies..than 20 UFO’s or WIP’s …cause those don’t seem to make as much progress as my “to be quilted” bin does. I think it’s because my gift is quilting…and I tend to gravitate towards that…most of the time. IMG_4303

So I know you all will see this eye candy again…in it’s next step ( hopefully)…..unless it’s one of those rush deals that I am binding at Christmas 20 minutes before it needs to be wrapped and delivered..which does happen….I am still kicking myself about the Christmas quilts from last year..I loved so many of them and I didn’t get them done in time. IMG_4302

I am still trying to decide which family I will be working for this year. :)  IMG_4307


Anyway Thanks Florence! They look great!

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