Saturday Training Sessions

Today was a busy day.

I decided to train the boys on templates. I own several Loricles templates….and they are great. Great company ..great product. But I have to say I am such a freehand quilter it really takes a lot out of me to do those templates…so I thought I would see how the boys like them. Cole and I had a falling out before he even got started and he quit ( Bryce says that Cole is getting his hormone surges..LOL). Carl is like me..he will do them and they are interesting..but he is really a stipple kind of a guy. He finds stippling comforting. That motion he makes standing in front of the machine is good for him. He self stems alot…and that is just another form ( for him ).   Bryce happened to be in the studio talking to Carl and he tried out the template…Bryce has found his niche. Honestly..Bryce does the templates better than I do. I tried to teach him stipple a few months ago…he and I both agreed that he didn’t have it…but he quilted two quilts today using two different templates..and this kid has GOT IT! He’s pretty excited..cause now he doesn’t have to be soley an errand and computer work guy. LOL I told him since he couldn’t quilt I would have him do my paperwork..well he wasn’t real excited about that…netiher was I really…but he needs money for drivers ed and his car. So now we have it! I am going to maybe get him to try out the Bubbles template next week..maybe since he is so good at the others he can conquer that board as well? That would be awesome! So now Bryce and Carl can do all my template quilts. SCORE!  Here are his samples:So while I was training today..I pieced a few blocks for a fabulous quilt I hope to get quilted this week….I always have such lofty goals. :)

Friday was the last day of school…so now I will have no uninterupted time for the next three months. I am kind of on a deadline to get some quilts finished…and I aksed my DH to please figure out how to mark scallops on a quilt …adn to do just that. He was up for the challnege and he accomplished the task…WOW! I am so impressed boys are getting more advanced in quilting…and Rob can be the scalloped border guy now…I am actually really thankful…it would have taken me a few hours…and because of him it is now on the frame and halfway finished. I feel like we all got so much done today…and although I am not taking it easy just yet…I feel like I may actually be able to accomplish my lofty goals..LOL. I am really excited when my family jumps in to help me.

Here is a sneek peak of that quilt:

I have another quilt to share….I will post pictures tomorrow. Blessings




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  1. Deb in Japan June 10, 2012 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    Sweet! Looks like The boys did a great job. Maybe they can do Allen’s double Irish chain. Love the look of the Square lorie board.

    Also love the one you are custom quilting. Gorgeous!

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