Ribbon Sampler & Summertime with Mom

Kathy sent me these two quilts …she always has wonderful quilts..most of them are also pretty big in size. She lives in Texas…so you know …Bigger is better….right? I used to get teased for this all the time as well. If you want to make a quilt for someone …you want it to fit everything….right?

But these two are fabulous!

The pin wheels are scrappy and she named this quilt “Summer time with Mom” because  it reminded her of a quilt from her childhood. I don’t know if it was made by her mom or not? But Kathy used to lay it out in the grass and read her comic books on it and it reminds her of those childhood years. I love that!

The next quilt is the Ribbon sampler…and I think it is an Eleanor Burns pattern ( victory quilts..maybe?)

I love how crisp, clean & americana looking this quilt is. All the colors and blocks are just perfect. Kathy always sews beautifully with great color choices.

Thanks so much Kathy!




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