Prayer quilts for Don & Teresa

Hi everyone….well a few months back T told me about the battle her and her DH were facing….Cancer. I felt the need to comfort her..and I live to far to hug her..or help her in any sort of physical way. So All I could really do was listen…..and PRAY. Prayer is really such a HUGE thing that is the most important whether near or far. I believe that!  SO I thought I would enlist the help of all the gals at (QC) ….I asked them to send me blocks to make a prayer quilt for each of them….they supplied those! I was really overwhelmed at everyone’s generosity…Donna sent a couple yards of pink fairy frost..T loves pink…so I used that on the front for coping strips, binding and also the backing. I used fabric that has tons of inspirational phrases on the back of Don’s quilt. All the blocks on the front of the quilt are from several people from all over the USA.

Don is a big tough guy that rides a  Harley…When he saw the quilt he asked ” Are they trying to make me cry?” He said to tell everyone that he loves the quilt…& to thank all of you! T& I both cried….LOL….and I just want to say I am honored to be a part of this loving and generous group of quilters!

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