Penny Vine Pillow in Quiltmaker March/Arpil 2020

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I have been published again. YAHOO!!

I seriously LOVE-LOVE this pillow.

This is my Penny Vine Pillow.

I designed this one day just to use some scraps and have a fun “no pressure” project to work on. After I finished it the magazine company put out a design call to use a few of these techniques…so??..hehe. I sent in pictures. It fits perfectly on the little couch in my stash room.

I received the pillow form from Fairfield World. I have gotten all of my pillow forms from them. They have so many sizes that I feel free to design anything and there will always be something I can use.

This pillow uses several techniques, English paper piecing, applique, hand embroidery, crazy or improv blocks and quilting. It’s fun, colorful and decorative.

If you make it please share I love to see your projects! #charismascorner



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  1. Susan Hageman January 20, 2020 at 8:18 am - Reply

    Great look. So springy.

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