My friend, Teresa.

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IMG_4234T and I met through the QB. It’s hard to describe our relationship..other than “kindred spirits”. She is miles away yet we have connected. Its been years. Many chats,letters, phone calls and the connecting force is GOD. Of course.

It’s a funny thing how we can form such loving relationships through on-line communication.   It broadens our horizons and makes everything possible. Doesn’t it? We became good friends at a time in T’s life when she was caring for her ailing mom. Whom she affectionately refers to as “Momsie.”

Sadly she lost her mom.

A year later she asked if I would be willing to take some of her mom’s clothes and make a lap quilt for her. She just didn’t have the heart to do it herself. I said , “of course”

She sent me the box and it sat in my studio for a year. Thank God she wasn’t in a hurry.

In my defense I was struggling with what type of design. Everytime I brought the box out I struggled with which clothes to use….if I should coordinate? Once I decided on a pattern : here . It narrowed everything down for me.

But I have to say it was difficult for me to cut up clothes. Who would have thought? I kept thinking ” this is in such nice condition…and I am cutting it up” Or I would think ” Is this going to be ok in a quilt?” I wanted the quilt to be made mostly from her own clothes…I added some backing and also the last border.

The other issue with finding a pattern because  her mom was really tiny.  It was difficult to get any big cuts of fabric from any of the clothes.

I found the pajamas with the pink roses and fell in love with that fabric. I know T’s favorite color is pink..particularly that pink. I wanted to use that the most ( let me tell ya..there was hardly trims of those PJ”s left!). So I used that as a background and found a subtle white to fill in. IMG_4238

I also have to admit that I have never cut up clothes to make a quilt. I have learned a TON during this process. All of these fabrics were on the bias. That makes for a SQUIRREL Y quilt! Honestly….now I know why all those vintage quilts are a mess to put on the frame and quilt. All of my seems match up perfectly..everything was cut perfectly I made extra careful sure as I was going along. However..the borders were a hot mess! I  picked a solid pink to frame it all in BIG mistake! I think I should have left it without a border…and it may have quilted u nicer. Borders block the quilt from quilting fluidly….but I thought since everything was square when I cut and sewed I could easily add some borders and get it all together and square. I would have had an easier time without them. Live and learn. Another small factor is that not all the fabrics are cotton….so not cotton and on bias..mess!IMG_4237 IMG_4236 IMG_4235

However….it’s finished..the border has a fer tiny pleats and it all came together…finally.

The backing I used cuts of fabric from Momsie’s Bath robe and also a jacket….it’s soft and cuddly. Thought the cotton on either side would help stabilize it. I think in my experience that it is very difficult to piece squirrely fabrics and cotton and not have any stretching. I can even tell on the front….but I am thinking after it’s washed that will ease up and cover all of my issues.  Crossing fingers. IMG_4239


I am so glad to be a part of this quilt…flaws and all. I think we all feel inadequate…and hope for the best…which is what I am doing. But in the end it’s about having a special hug and comfort from someone that was near and dear to my friend! That’s what I really want her to I send this will a full heart…lots of love and prayers.



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  1. Teresa S. Lowery February 8, 2013 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    My Dear Sweet Charisma,
    I am drowning in tears at this moment….I loved my Momsie so much and the pain heals a small amount each day..I can’t wait to get my hands on this quilt. It will always be Special because it is a part of her and a sweet part of you . You are Truly a Blessing from GOD in my life. I love you sooooo much for doing this quilt for me….Bittersweet and truly I look forward to holding it close. Thanks again a million hugs to you. T.

    Ps…I mailed your box yesterday…they said about 4 days…I have tracking number. Let me know when you get ya T

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