Morley Moose or Max T

Ok Now on to lighter things.

Laura sent me another fabulous quilt!

The name of the pattern is Morley Moose…but she affectionately calls her version “Max T”

Before I knew the name of the pattern or that she had already given him a name I had suggested “Marley Moose” or “Purple Haze”..hehe…because he is kind of psychedelic…which is what I absolutely love about him!

You can find the pattern here….well that is the website specifically the pattern is here. I just realized looking at this site I will also be quilting another quilt of one of her designs soon as Beth ( my binder) gets to feeling better…she is making another one.

Anyway..this is being donated to charity…in AK. So it should bring in a great donation.  havea  great day!


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