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Today I woke up late….didn’t sleep well. Right when I got out of bed… Trina walked in to make a delivery and we talked for quite a bit. It was nice. Then I putted around, did some work, brushed my teeth put on my shoes and went to studio ( yeah it’s 12 steps down my stairs….but I have to wear shoes all day or I am hurting the next day. )

Then I started quilting some shop quilts…then a friend dropped off her quilt to be quilted. Then I got a phone call from Lori. Lori and I met through QB and quilting. Anytime we talk we spend lots of time on the phone and we pick up right where we left off. It’s as if we have always known each other.  So we both share and talk..and we have a lot of the same opinions on things. LOL Lori has been part of my Scrappy trade swap since i started it…I knew how she pieced so I sent her all my favorite scraps…and she made the “Springtime at Ross” Quilt.  It’s still a favorite of mine. I hang it up in my studio and it travels with me to shows. Well last summer maybe spring? I am not sure I quilted a graduation quilt for her. It was a Bargello that got lots of attention because the pattern designer even loved it and commented on it ( she happened upon it on a site) . She said she had never seen one of her quilts ever quilted so Beautifully….that put a feather in my cap! :) Kudos to Lori! IMG_3988

Anyway the bargello was made in blues and greens….Lori had told me she didn’t want to look at those colors for awhile…because well she had worked on that quilt long enough and she was sick of it. She tends to lean towards rich batiks and brighter colors. She also works the most amazing quilts from small scraps of florals..its’ pretty amazing!  I just happened to be going through my scraps and found a bag of McKenna Ryan scraps from a line I loved. I bought them and made a quilt that now lives with Carla. They challenged me because they fade from one color to another…or they graduate from light to dark…or both.  The quilt I made was beautiful. But I had tons of extra…and big pieces. They were also the same color theme of that bargello..LOL. So I simply asked Lori if she wanted another bag of scraps…most of them were actually cuts of fabric. She was challenged. She probably wanted to SMACK! me when she opened that box and saw those colors. Her color intuition and eye for matching fabrics and patterns are just beyond AMAZING. IMG_3987

I had no idea how she would handle the challenge. I am beyond STUNNED!   Honestly…..I would have never been able to think of this and do this from my own scraps.  Lori searched for a pattern that she envisioned…. she found it free on a Jinny Beyer site. She worked through my cuts of fabric and scraps and she made this AMAZING quilt! Even the row graduate from light to dark…in the X…..and now I am challenged to quit this. I think this is the perfect way for me to be challenged as well. I look at this and have no idea how I am going to quilt it. So it will need to resonate and wait for awhile.   IMG_4001 IMG_4000 IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3997

Look at the back of this….as perfect as the front.:)IMG_4002

Thanks so much Lori…I love this quilt and I am honored that you would make this…..much more than I could have imagined. I am blessed.

So while I was in the studio today I promised a friend I would find a pattern…I wish I would have taken photos…I have a basket that contains my patterns. It’s plum stuffed full. I knew it would be an undertaking to find the pattern because it’s in a mess. SO I decided I needed to organize. I did find the pattern…but now I need to buy binders so I can just get this stuff organized and easy to access. While sorting I realized that I had 4or 5 of one pattern. It’s a free pattern but clearly i must like it because every time i come across it I keep it or print it out.

Paprika ~Its free from Fons& Porter.IMG_4024

Yesterday I also made Rob’s pillow. I asked him if he wanted a pillow case or a throw pillow. He said a throw pillow so he could throw it at me. I dare him to try! Now Cole wants to buy this shirt so he can have me make him a pillow. It is clearly going to be a novelty piece around here. I should write an apology to all future wives of my boys.   IMG_3995 IMG_3996

I also got another package today. ahhhhh. IMG_3993

(I couldn’t cut out my handsome son holding the quilt, Bryce)

Jane sent me back my quilt. A few years ago I sent her a box of tops to have her quilt. I am just AMAZED at her talent. She is so talented and AMAZING!  She worked wonders on my quilt. Sunflowers in the background areas between stars and swirly suns and rays in the stars. I was overwhelmed with blessings. You may remember that she also quilted this quilt . Creme Brulee travels with me to the shows because it is such a testimony and also it gives so much hope to beginners. Jane has not quilted many quilts but she is so talented and has quite the eye. Can I just say I work with the BEST of the BEST! Clearly. Quilting has brought all of us so much love, friendship and opportunities in many areas. We all have different gifts and styles. When we mix it up they just become works of art!IMG_4023 IMG_4022 IMG_4021 IMG_4020 IMG_4019 IMG_4018 IMG_4017

The quilt itself is a special quilts. It’s from a  retreat I attended in 2004. I know …..its been sitting far to long. The pattern is from Eleanor Burns book called “Still Stripping after 25 years”. We were working on a few patterns from the book at the retreat…but we took time to make 2 blocks each from this pattern..and they we did a drawing for 12 blocks…2 sets.  1 set went to me….and 1 set to Brianna. Brianna was only 10 at the time….but she sewed better than half the women there. Brianna just quilted hers as well..hehe. Anyway the retreat was so awesome and we bonded together so well. Not all of the ladies are still with us..some have moved on to other places and also Heaven.  We had a label that we all signed…which is on the back. What I didn’t realize until today when it arrived is that Beth’s sister ( my binder) was also at the retreat. I didn’t really know her or even know she had a sister…and now Beth and I are really good friends..isn’t it so funny how paths cross?  I know I am such a romantic at heart but I find it even more special that I had Jane quilt it was meant to be..I waited until the perfect time so I could have another “sister” quilt it for me and add to this special quilt.  A constant reminder of my relationships and how quilting has been a vessel for that.  IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4013 IMG_4016


So it’s been an eventful day…..and I am just blessed. It has been a great week. :)

I also got a message from a friend in Spokane that she has 3 applique quilts finished up for me as part of a trade agreement..I am so excited to see them. I know she has done an amazing job. They are all bunny hill patterns. Carla will be bring them here for our girls weekend. I can’t wait for either of those things.

I hope you all have a blessed week as well!



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  1. Karin January 10, 2013 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    WOW – Lori and Jane both did fantastic work with your scraps and pieced top! You were so right to trust them to those ladies – they must be truly honored. Both turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to see what you quilt into your new top!!

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