Modern Chocolate and Raspberry

This has been pinned on my frame for 6 weeks. I know. Trust me I know.

I have about 36 pink& brownblocks from some swaps I was part of a few years ago……just now getting to use some of them. I am in love with the MOd quilting that is going on in blog land these days. In the beginning of the year..the Modern Quilt guild blog had a great series …..”100 days of”…series. I was really inspired. But of course life always gets in the way and I don’t have time….LOL. I finally pieced this a few months back…and I wanted to quilt all the different areas….with different designs. I sketched out my modern design..and then pieced it…  using all different colors of pink and brown. My blocks are all different pink and I wanted to carry that out. I ran out of ideas while quilting…..cause I couldn’t focus.  So I grabbed Angela Walter’s Book and started applying some of her designs. It was great..easy to follow….and fun to try some new designs.

I am pleased with my quilt. I actually think it would be a perfect dorm quilt for my daughter who will be leaving next summer…but I am sure she has different ideas? It’s the perfect size for a dorm room.


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  1. Jane October 1, 2012 at 7:03 am - Reply

    Can we say LOVE?!?!? I love this!! You know me C always several months behind the curve living in my cave so I am only just now discovering modern style quilting. You blended some traditional in beautifully as well. I even recognize some of these techniques. You did a great job and placement of everything is just perfect. I love all the glorious texture you brought to this modern quilt. Just as yummy as chocolate mousse topped with fresh raspberries only none of the calories! What eye candy.

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