Marge and Lulu’s Quilts

Marge is a local gal( almost) who found me on QB….She loves the LQS and drives down to get fabric …come to the shows ect.

She is a sweet gal! Well she asked if I would quilt a few for her and also for her friend Lulu…well of course.

Lulu has this big log cabin…so cute! Victoria quilted Baptist fans on it for me. The boys have been busy with football practice and school…so Victoria is doing the template quilting..It’s so nice to work with your friends. I think this would make a great scrappy kind of a quilt.Then she had this irish chain alternative…..She sent the magazine for quilting design…it was an all over stipple….we can do that easily. I did that for Carl so he wouldn’t have to stay up late…football is wiping him out.Lulu is 90 years old and up and running! I hope I am healthy at that age…so I can do the things I like.

Marge put this quilt together for their quilt group …it’s being raffled off to help their group. They just wanted an all-over designThen she made this one….I have used all of these fabrics….My Friend Mary was the recipient of the quilt in which I used these fabrics…they are metallic…so beautiful!  So I think Marge’s choice in fabrics is I quilted all over feathers.



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