Well Vicki sends me quite a few quilts..and she has reffered several to me…how nice of her…right?

She has a grandchild on the way and sent this quilt she asked for Baptist fans….Last week when Cole and I were working in the studio he told me he really wanted to learn how to quilt the “Little Rainbows” I had no idea what he was talking about ..until he pointed at the loricles board, Baptist fans. Awe! How sweet is that? They do look like “little rainbows” and I thought that was a fitting title for this particular quilt…all the bright colors…were screaming for rainbows.  I think rainbows conjures up nice feelings…where as baptist fans doesn’t do alot for me..LOL.



The second quilt is a bunch of little houses and trees..isn’t that fun? Karen is Vicki’s relative … she sends the quilts to me for quilting.. then I send them to Vicki so she can bind them..I think Karen has a good deal going don’t you? Karen is a new quilter and learning as she goes along..I think this quilt was pretty ambitious for a beginner but she did a great job!


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