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I am not sure why all of my pictures are weird…it’s driving me bonkers!

Anyway, The modern quilt guild had a challenge for all of us guild members. We are supposed to take a certain line of fabrics and take  a traditional block and modernize that blocks. So the line of fabrics are the solids you see in the vibrant colors in the second photo. My guild chose the Carolina Lily Block…which is so traditional. So we had a sew in day…and we put together the Andy Warhol-ish type quilt.

I was in a hurry to get pics of this quit because I was on my way out the door with it…and the weather hasn’t been great for photos.

So on top of that the quilting couldn’t be traditional. The specifically said no feathers ect. all of these challenge quilts are being donated to charity and they are also going to hang at Quilt Con in Feb. ( I am actually going to Quilt con this year…yahoo!!)

So I had to really think outside of the box on how I was going to quilt this…so I quilted HUGE circles on the computer quilting machine….then I went back in and freehand quilted different design in random circles ..some traditional designs and some non traditional. I wanted to take a nod at both types of quilting.

So after I got home from the sew in day …I decided to make my own version of the quilt. I used lighter pastel type fabrics for the flower. But I used solid grays and creams ect. It’s amazing to me how different the quilts look using the same exact pattern. the different fabrics make it look more traditional…again.

It also have to say that this quilt is bigger than it looks. It’s 72 x 90 inches. So those 4 blocks are HUGE!!

one block would be good for  a baby quilt.

I actually quilted this on the computer as well. It’s a modern type of Baptist fan type of design…I really wanted to try it out…I am a HUGE fan of Baptist fans…I really like this one now as well.

So just a little fun …changing up a pattern with fabrics makes such a  huge difference.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!



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