Kaffe Crumbs

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Nadine sent this beautiful quilt. IMG_5986 IMG_5987

I think its a scrappy crumb quilt…using lots of Kaffe. which means rich colors with lots of texture. My fave!

She chose a white with little bubbles all over to sash. I took a close up here:IMG_5992


So I chose to quilt all over bubbles to match that. something circular was called for anyhow because of the pattern. Win-win. IMG_5993

Then I chose L & E’s to frame it in…I did have a bubble seep into those on each side for a fun element.

I also made a surprise flower in the quilt somewhere among the bubbles for an element of fun. { I knew it was there and it still took me a minute to spot it out while trying to photograph it!}IMG_5994


Then swirls in the final border…..wanted the texture to match the flowing leaves and flower petals of the print. This is definitely a “Charisma” quilt. Meaning something I would make myself. :)IMG_5991IMG_5985 IMG_5984

Thanks Nadine! always my pleasure!  IMG_5988

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