# Jumbo Hashtags#

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Ok So I think I figured out how to change the photos….Sorry…Until I figure out the real issue..I have to go in and correct every single photo while blogging. *sigh*

So I didn’t want to make another blog post..with someone else’s quilts pertaining to my blog troubles until I figured them out…. So this is one of my own. It was just a really fast scrappy that I made one afternoon ( yes I did this all in one day..a Sunday..my day off)….

I found the pattern online… You can find that link here.

They are HUGE blocks ..so it makes a great size quilt. I think I will eventually list this in my Etsy shop…After, I get it bound ( if you are interested in purchasing this…just let me know I am going to list it for 150$ plus shipping) . I quilted it on the computer using a design called City Scape…I believe. Stacked rectangles basically. very cool modern type of design that I was testing out.


I used scraps for the back:

Thanks so much for following along!

Blessings to all of you!


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