Jackie’s Appliqued Beauties!

Well Those North Idaho Gals have struck again!

This group of quilters have got to be the best appliquers I have ever seen ( and quick)..Honestly…they all do needle turn applique…they make the most beautiful projects. these are Jackie’s Latest.

This first one I just knew would catch the eye of several so I asked what the name of the book was ahead of time…It’s by Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird designs it’s Called the Country Inn. This quilt is actually on the cover just in a different color way. I can tell you it’s GORGEOUS! Jackie said it went really fast because the blocks were so big…and she stretched herself out of her normal colochoices. I am so glad she did….I am really in LOVE with this quilt. I already bought the book…and the funny thing is I thought..this looks very similar to a style of another book I own..I grabbed it offf the shelf same designers…so there ya go!  This next quilt Clarissa fell in love with..flowers & puppies..I mean how could you go wrong? The rest of us probably notice the bicycle first…. Not my daughter it’s all about thd puppies. LOL Anyway….I think this is just ADORABLE! It’s sweet and summer!Adorable right?

This Next one is just AMAZING! I think those babies are….real! They are so adorable! Another friend in Jackie’s group made the same quilt..Vicki. I will post that next. Every little detail is needle turn applique…AMAZING right?

Thanks Jackie..It’s always a pleasure working with you! Blessings.




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  1. kat February 28, 2013 at 11:39 am - Reply

    I can’t find this baby pattern and I just love it! Is it in a book?
    I looked up blackbird designs and still couldn’t find it…

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