Happy Scrappy Orphan blocks

So after I made my LONG TIME GONE quilt . It inspired me to get into my box of orphan blocks and just start putting them together..I mean the Long time Gone quilt looks like it’s a scrappy made from orphan blocks..doesn’t it> ?

So I thought why not?

I had WAY more orphan blocks than I realized. I didn’t even use them all and this is a good sized quilt. It’s a large twin. I have enough blocks to make another quilt. So I probably will beore the end of the year. The other part of this is that I just randomly just put sections together improve style and then joined them. So it went together really quickly. The whole thing was probably put together in 3-4 hours. seriously. But you also have to know that I don’t agonize over decisions…I just wing it and make sure it’s all size properly and go with it.

I am pretty happy with this finish. It’s quite an original. LOL! But I love a good scrappy and when I look at this I see so many quilts that it represents.

I also pieced the backing from scraps. I quilted it on the computer. SO this was all finished in a day. :) That’s the good thing about a computer quilter. :)

So glad that I can clear some things out of the scrap bin…and use it. I love that whole process of making “something from nothing” …it just makes me feel good.

I would love to see what you all do with orphan blocks. I could use a few more ideas.:)



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  1. Alma September 14, 2017 at 3:14 pm - Reply

    Oh my gosh I think this IS one of my favorites.

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