Happy Scrappies!

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I kind of felt guilty on Sunday because I skipped church..I had a few reasons…so I didn’t have a sermon. Rob had a “normal” week at work last week since they were in between harvests..they harvest peas…and now they are in corn…so a week break in between…but he had to work Sunday afternoon. So we skipped church , went on a breakfast date….then shopping and he got a hair cut…cause now he is back to working 12 hour shifts on call 7 days a week….so he never actaully knows if he will get the weekends off.

I know I shouldn’t feel guilty skipping church because it’s all about my relationship with God not the “act” of going to church….but I just love the whole family community aspect of church ( most of the time).

So I had a relaxing weekend…I did little quilting and just peiced some of my UFO’s…some of my UFO’s that have been started and just sitting for awhile. They are now in the “To be quilted bin” which to me means they are “done” …I know weird….but somehow they don’t nag at me to much when they are in that bin?

I pulled a muscle or something in my shoulder yesterday ( monday) so I was struggling to get anything done & I slept horrible for all 5 hours I stayed in bed..I pushed through a  few projects yesterday….and also finished a scrappy tube quilt. You can find the tutorial here  ( although… just a correction she says the big strip should be 4 and a quarter inches…it’s actually 4.5 inches). I had cut these strips to teach my small quilting group how to make a tube quilt in May of 2011. Yah! so I decided to use them up..and I just cut the yard of fabric I had for that demo and use the binding scraps that Beth gives me back..along with the recent projects I have worked on.  I didn’t want to add anymore to my scrap bin. Amazingly enough my scrap bin is full. How is that possible? I have a HUGE bin for scraps and I keep emptying it for the scrappy trade game.  But that little time slot  between May and the quilt show..I finished up several quilts and trimmed them, bound them ect…so there are scraps from those…and also I have gotten some of my boxes back…cause not everyone uses all they get…so I guess I am resigned to the fact that there will always be scraps. LOL So now I think I need to come up with one of those systems that everyone talks about…organizing their scraps..cutting them as I go along or something? I don’t know? So anyway this is my latest tube quilt….the pictures were taken in the early morning sun..so the colors don’t show up great..and the quilt is actually square..but the grass doesn’t allow it to lay perfect….I was not to excited about the borders..but they were something in my stash….that I could use…and not go buy anything….so I just settled. I also pieced the backing from stash…along with binding so everything is ready for quilting. YAHOO!

I also quilted this little baby quilt…minkee on the back. It’s for my Bestie. Well actually her new Granddaughter. One of my Bestie’s, Carla…who just turned 40 in March is going to be a grandma. In September. I think the theme is pink and monkeys. So during the quilt show Carla and Courtney went to wenatchee and shopped without me…..they picked all of these fabrics by themselves….and they were worried? LOL all weekend they had to fly solo and make choices without me….it was kind of funny how they analyzed everything…I would give them a list of groceries to buy and they would stress about what was “correct”…LOL Not that I am demanding..but because things just come more easily to me …I don’t know…anyway. They did a great job! and I think this quilt is adorable. Courtney peiced it..with Carla’s help ironing and what not…and this was Courtney’s first time using HST. (Carla is a self proclaimed fabric addict that doesn’t sew. LOL She would be a great  quilter…she just needs to get over the fear) With a little ER phone call to me about sizes of HST’s..we got it worked out…They get VIP status with ER hotline status to Charisma. LOL

So today is just Clarissa and I..the youth group is spending the day at Silverwood ( theme park) 3 hours away. They won’t be home until around midnight tonight. Yesterday when Clarissa realized that she said “oh..the last time that happened that didn’t go so well”…I just kind of chuckled because she is referring to this day. Apparently she still isn’t over the pain? I am going to make her some bacon for breakfast and start it out great (Bacon is one of her favroites..just liker her Daddy!) and hopefully we can start things out better.



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