Gypsy Wife Quilt

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Gypsy Wife is a quilt pattern designed by Jen Kingwell. I bought this book years ago and never put it together because I was so hung up on what fabrics I should use. After I completed the 2 Long Time Gone Quilts By Jen…you can find those Here and Here.

I decided that fabric choices don’t matter. I am part of the Jen Kingwell FB group and she uses 150 different fabrics in each of her quilts. She is definitely a scrap quilter and I think she probably doesn’t get too caught up in fabric choices. It’s really all about value. So once again I just took a handful of scraps from my scrap bin ..put them on my cutting table and started cutting. I didn’t care what it looked if fit for the size I needed I used it and didn’t pay much attention to color or design. This is what happened, :)

I actually have a drawer full of strips that are cut 1.5 inches..which just so happens to be the size of the strips in this quilt….so I just used those to put my quilt together which was really nice.  There is also a lot of purple and blue in this quilt…which is funny…I can tell those are scraps that were given to me..because I don’t have a lot of purple & blue in my stash. haha!

I will say that my least favorite part of constructing this quilt is keeping all of the stripes straight…it wasn’t all that easy. But I am rally happy with the end result. I think the other thing that really stands out on the quilt is all of the solids mixed in with the patterns. I didn’t do it on purpose…it’s just the scraps I had on hand..but I like all of the solids that are mixed in….it helps keep it all in check. It might be difficult to see with the way I took the pictures..In these pictures all I can really see are the quilting designs… Which is why I take pictures normally…..

I decided to just put this on the computer to get it quilted..I used the infinity design..which is a very modern design…and I really like the texture it created on the quilt.

I used scraps for the back:

Pretty happy with the results. I have a few more Jen Kingwell designs that I am putting together…I have fallen in love with her designs and style.

Thanks so much for following along! If you need a scrap buster without any rules..try a Jen Kingwell pattern!




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