Flying Geese Scraps

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Remember last week when I made this: IMG_5564


I posted it about it here.

I sat looking at these IMG_5615-001


So from that I made this:


Well they way the pattern has you construct the quilt All those star points even the big ones are flying geese style…which goes by really fast but then you have all of those leftover HST’s. So I saved them sewed them all together. I thought about them several times and what I should do with them. Then on 4th of July late at night ..I was sorting fabrics. looking for a few things. I found a baggie of fabrics that were leftovers from a a quilt I made years ago. ( I sold it to my brother for my mission to Haiti last year). Sometimes if I really love a fabric collection from a quilt that I have made, I will keep all those certain scraps in a bag and store them together for a future project. I am not sure why I saved this baggie because there really wasn’t much in there. But the designer is April Cornell and I used to buy her fabrics all the time. I love the vintage feel of them. I think my shop must have quit buying her fabrics..or maybe she isn’t designing? I should google that. So I tend to hoard all the lines I have from her….:) IMG_5669

But there was just enough ( with a few scraps leftover) to make another quilt like the last one. SO I worked within the confines of the scraps I had from both projects. This one is quite a bit smaller than the I made the outer border a bit bigger ( it’s still smaller) to bring it up a bit. But It’s so pretty.   IMG_5668 IMG_5667

I just made the stars and adjusted the size of everything else based on those….it all came together beautifully and fast since all the work was already done. :)

I love it when I get an unexpected surprise.

I hope you all have a great Saturday! I am teaching a long arm quilting class today at the shop. Hoping to get some quilting done as well.




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