Dorothy’s Charitable Contribution.

Dorothy sent me these quilts…..IMG_4290 IMG_4291 IMG_4292

The two bigger ones she bought on-line. She told me they may be rough for the boys to quilt…we go through it. We did the best we could…and they really were a bugger. But She is donating them to a family who lost their house and all their possessions in a house fire. So It’s a good cause and they will be thankful to get something heartfelt like a quilt.  That makes everything worth it..puts it into perspective….doesn’t it?IMG_4294 IMG_4293


She also had these cute little baby quilts…..I had fun with the bears and bunnies. I outlined, added stipple, loops and loopies….and fill in work…just to give it some definition.  So cute!IMG_4297 IMG_4296 IMG_4295


Then this other quilt is a little eye spy….each block is a different &  interesting scene to spot out. Great for kids! I quilted an all over swirl. IMG_4298


Thanks Dorothy! It’s always a pleasure working with you!


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