Beth’s Scrappy Flower Garden

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Well last year Beth ( my Binder)  borrowed one of my Kim Schaeffer books ( flower festival) and raided my scrap bin. She wanted to make a little quilt for herself ( which I already quilted) and in the process she made me these little flower blocks as well. Aren’t they cute?
So these little flower blocks have been sitting…waiting to bloom~ patiently.

I had a couple jelly rolls I bought from connecting threads a few years ago and decided to just use them up…..after all all the fabrics for the blocks were I could get bright and wild with the rest. So I framed each block two times log cabin style…and then had all these bits of jelly roll left and an odd ball block…who needs more scraps and orphan blocks? Not me…so I sewed those extra strips jelly race style and it worked out perfect to block in that single block and create another row in my quilt. I also added some white sashing …all scraps cut from other projects….problem: I needed a border …I didn’t want to buy any fabric…went searching through my stash and found this perfect pink/purple border with bright white flowers. It matched the pink in the fabrics perfectly. Glad to use it and not buy anything. I also have a backing already..YAhoo! Another one to go in the bin “To be quilted”

I don’t know when I will get to any of these…but it is just really nice to sew up some projects. I miss sewing sometimes.  Quilting is clearly my gift…..and piecing is just a bit less stressful all the way around…because I don’t have to please anyone…or think about it. After everything is’s just constructing. That’s kind of nice sometimes.  Plus I just like having that sense of accomplishment…and also cleaning off my cutting counter so I won’t feel guilty for starting something *new* that I really want to work on..KWIM?

I have a few more..then smooth sailing…*new* projects!


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  1. teresa lowery July 29, 2012 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    I love this quilt….it is so colorful and the flowers are great…looking forward to see the quilting you do. T

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