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Be seen is one of my new quilt patterns. Be Seen is a favorite.

What is funny about this quilt is that I had wondered if anyone would like it. Should I have centered the star more, would it make sense that the colored stripes are overlapping ect. But I really just liked it the way I designed it and decided to just go with it and see what would happen. It’s been received well.

Be Seen is listed in my Etsy Shop: Here

This is an easy pattern to construct. the pattern offers 2 sizes. In my sample I used American Made Brand Solids. I love to support an American Company.

Speaking of pattern design….I have been asked why I use solids. I have to admit that before I started designing patterns I really didn’t use many solid fabrics. There are a few reasons for the change. One reason is that I don’t want to have to re-make my sample quilts. So it’s best to use something that is readily available. Fabric lines outdate pretty quickly. Another reason is that when I am designing and I put in my colors -I like to see it the way that I designed it. I tend to use a lot of solid colors when I design simply because it’s easy. I have now come to appreciate solids. But if I have time I will make some of my quilts with some of my favorite designer fabrics….for my own personal use ect. I really want to see them done in patterns and textures. I just don’t have time, right now. I have 3 more designs coming out in this line. I am REALLY excited about them. There could be more. I have tons in my files. But I have 3 in various stages of progress.

Well I have a few more to post in this series before the new ones come out…..But I just want to share a few things:

  1. I will be giving a presentation in Wenatchee tonight at The North Central WA Guild.
  2. If you all could please re-subscribe to my blog ( if you haven’t already) I had to do some clean up.
  3. I also have an Instagram and FB page if you would like to see regular updates.
  4. I also have a YouTube Channel: CharismasCorner
  5. I am still longarm Quilting. I have heard some people say that I am not. I am. Longarming is my primary business and I prioritize that work. Please continue thinking of me as a longarm quilter. :) That is my primary source of income. So I need the work. :)

Thanks so much for following along!


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  1. Nancy Piatt October 23, 2020 at 9:50 am - Reply

    On your pattern where it says cut half diagonally 2x. Does that mean after the second cut we have two smaller triangles and one bigger one? I’m learning to read quilt patterns.

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