Asian Puzzle Pieces and Grandmother’s Garden

Albertha sent me two quilts …..


The first one is actually a drunkards path…but they just looked like puzzle pieces to me……I quilted all over feathers in the center and customized the borders…outlines, partial feathers and leaves.

It’s rich & elegant…really beautiful!


The 30’s quilt is called Grandmather’s Garden…..isn’t it Cute? I love the little floers in the center of each patch… I quilted a flower over each single pink & yellow flowers. The filler is leaves and vines. Of course you can see the feathered wreathes in the center of each chain….and continuous curves in the border. That always adds such a  great dimension. Thanks Albertha…It’s a pleasure working with you!


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  1. Michael Holmes July 12, 2012 at 11:09 am - Reply

    I LOVE 30’s fabrics, so I’m in LOVE with the Grandmother’s Garden quilt. Really stunning. :)

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