Annette’s Latest Beauties

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Annette and I have had an on-going exchange.  She takes tons of my scraps and turns them into lovely masterpieces …..then she sends them back to me with her Lovelies so I can quilt them for her.

These are two of hers..that I shipped back. :)

The first one is the “Purple People Eater” I quilted with all over feathers….it’s pretty huge..but oh so pleasing on the eyes. I actually have some of these fabrics….:) IMG_5684 IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5687


The pink backing! IMG_5688



This second quilt is a favorite. I think it’s called Gumdrops in the magazine. It’s from a pattern in a scrappy quilts magazine…I wish I could think of the name….?? I forget. Anyway It’s a great magazine…and a customer sent it to me. I have the best ones!

Anyway I love the use of color and the white sashings. I think that if you were unsure of white you could use black sashings and it would be just as beautiful!…so woudl brown, taupe..ect. LOL

IMG_5659IMG_5664 IMG_5663

I wanted to really capitalize on the large sashings….but frame in all of the boxes. IMG_5661

I added the roses in the center for some interest. So pretty.    IMG_5662

TheIMG_5665 back tells a story too…LOVE!

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  1. Annette July 26, 2013 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    and again Charisma, amazing quilting…..I`m always surprised as to what your vision of my quilts will be and I am never disappointed….so so beautiful!!! thank you so so much!!!!

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