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IMG_5128OK So Amy, Marilyn and I all made a deal 3 or 4 years ago…like before I became a long arm quilter( yes that long ago). We all decided to send eachother a flat rate box of scraps…. I received Amy’s, Marilyn got mine, and Amy got Marilyn’s. IMG_5127IMG_5130

I made one quilt from Amy’s scraps to send to her for her birthday that year…I had also pieced the back from those cuts of fabrics..cause she didn’t have all that many scraps. She sent cuts of fabric..and maybe a few small scraps..nothing to difficult. There wasn’t all that much left after I made her quilt…..I had lots of ideas..but I had been in a whirlwind during that first year. CRAZY!IMG_5126

So when I came up with the scrappy trade game..I thought I would send out her box of scraps with binding tape rolls and see what we could get done. Diane did a wonderful job using them! There is hardly anything left! She did a great job! Better than anything I would have come up with!  I am always impressed by you ladies! IMG_5125

I know one is a string quilt…I don’t the pattern name of the other one. Amy’s birthday just passed…so I say better late than Never! She has a birthday box arriving anytime! With these two lovelies in there! IMG_5124 IMG_5123

Thanks Diane for helping me be successful! Thanks Amy so always being so supportive! I still owe you some LAQ! so send some quilts along! IMG_5122

I hope you all have great friends to share this life with! Cause I sure do!



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  1. Amy May 20, 2013 at 8:22 am - Reply

    Oh C!!!! I am so excited! Diane did a wonderful job and your quilting is superb! Can’t wait for them! Thank you so much! I am so grateful for a friend like you!

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