A Modern Use of Scraps

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Well Annette and I have been working together a awhile now..it’s a good system…she loves to work with scraps..she works really hard…and alot! She also uses every bit of scrap…and comes up with amazing designs..she hardly works from pattern ( only sometimes) …she just sees things get’s inspired and digs in.IMG_4341 IMG_4346 IMG_4347 IMG_4348

When I had posted how I loved the Modern quilts..she pieced this from my scraps…I could quilt 5 of these and make them all different…I have plenty of ideas..so I need a few more (hint-hint) ( wink*). Of course ….I would have to credit Angela Walters  because she is the modern quilting Queen. I have watched her work for quite some time..and although I didn’t go to specifically see or directly get ideas from her for this quilt….I have studied it enough to know…Plus I didn’t use a ruler anywhere in this quilt…she eyeballs and just makes those straight lines outside of the boxes…so I did as well. Pretty freeing. I would say they aren’t perfect…but close enough. Honestly, I would have never even thought to try…I would have gotten my straight edge out and made them. It’s nice to learn I can gain control and build up another skill. Simple as that.   So yes..it’s all freehand..no rulers. Love that!IMG_4343


I used a gray glide thread on the top..so it would show more…there is a good and bad side to this. 1. you can see it…2. you can see it. When you make one flub or mistake..one bad muscle spasm…LOL and you see it glaring at you. I really HATE ripping out. If it’s my own ..I keep it unless it’s really bad. Especially when I use two layers of batting. The stitches are to tight to be ripping out…unless necessary. So I always try to blend the threads on a customer quilt because I would be a lunatic by the time I finished a quilt with all the ripping. Especially something like pebbling…sometimes it takes a bit to get into a groove and make them all perfect without a scribble. It’s pretty impossible for me. SO I just need to work on it a bit more..or accept that they will never be perfect? I just think it gets scary to make that disclaimer to a customer….unless it’s someone I know will be nice to me if they don’t like what I have done…:)  IMG_4344

So Yes I did also use two layers of batting on this..so it’s pretty stiff…perfect for a wall-hanging. But if I were to wash it..it would relax. I say that because I have actually done that with some others. That could also depend on what type of layers you use. This one has Legacy 80/20 and polydown.I am ashamed to say that this has been pinned on my little frame since November. Yes! November. I know. Clearly…..I have not been quilting for myself lately. I can tell..my bins are full. But I wanted to get this done so I can pin some quilts from another trade on the small frame. If I have to do lots of ruler work or detail quilting..I prefer my smaller machine…cause I am on the shorter side and I like being right over it…so I can have more control. Whatever size you have…you adjust to. But since I have two I have my preferences….for Venus and Serena ( names of my machines. IMG_4345

Anyway Look at this back! My favorite! IMG_4352 IMG_4351 IMG_4350 IMG_4349IMG_4342



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  1. Amanda February 23, 2013 at 2:14 pm - Reply

    I love how this looks on the back!

  2. Florence February 23, 2013 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    All I can say is AMAZING.

  3. Virginia February 24, 2013 at 8:29 pm - Reply

    Looks great Charisma! The modern ones allow/encourage a different way of thinking don’t they?

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