30’s Starz, Pumpkins and Capuccino Flowers.

Kathy made this quilt. It was a 5$ BOM from her local quilt shop.

She did a wonderful job per usual. All the points were perfect…flying geese as well. I used feathers, flowers, continuous curves and stipple to bring it all together. This next one is Cappucino flowers. The main fabric that all the colors had been chosen around is swirly, flourishy and elegant in muted and brown tones. I fell in love with it. So I decided to mimic designs from that fabric on the center of the quilt. Then I finished it with a   double feather. The pictures don’t do this quilt justice. Honestly… This next one is my favorite….It’s fall scarecrows. It says “Making New friends” But Kathy had requested Pumpkins in the orange border….I was so excited cause I had practiced that freehand design early in my career …and waited 2 years to be able to finally quilt it! It was so great! I also used my Loricles board called Clam shells to quilt the center panel. Compliments it very nicely.

I also practiced some designs and came up with this, I call it the “Oak Leaf feather”…I am in LOVE>

Thanks Kathy! You are always a pleasure to work with! Blessings





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