Deb’s IRR 2012

Deb was part of our International Round Robin from 2012.IMG_5863

So this is her quilt that several of us added a round to…isn’t it just beautiful?! I love it!IMG_5864 IMG_5871 IMG_5869

I was the first one to add a round…so I actually put her block on point and added a thin black border….so nothing fancy..just the pop of color around the center. I think everyone was so creative with this quilt it just all came together nicely. I would love to own this. LOL Do you think she will miss it if I don’t send it back? IMG_5868 IMG_5867 IMG_5866

I quilted everything swirls, back and forth lines, continuous curves, ect. IMG_5865 IMG_5872

I used black thread except in the pink I used pink in the side setting triangles..I just didn’t want the black to take over that area. IMG_5873 IMG_5874

I can’t help but stare at the’s so beautiful. IMG_5878 IMG_5877 IMG_5876 IMG_5875


I knew Deb couldn’t wait for pics…:) That would have been horrible torture since I was teasing her on FB today!

Thanks Deb! Always a pleasure.

Many Blessings



One thought on “Deb’s IRR 2012

  1. Yes! I would miss it! When I first commented about being speechless! I had not even seen the back yet! And wow it is fabulous!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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