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Well it looks like I didn’t ever make it back last night to finish my post..LOL. Well after I served dinner it was a race to get Bryce down to school for his conference. His original time was at 6:30 but that is when youth group started…and he begged to go early because he didn’t want to miss youth group. How can you deny your kid that?

I so wish that he didn’t want to miss youth group because he was on fire for GOD….but that’s not it. He didn’t want to miss fun night. They are redecorating their teen room…and having ice cream ( although he didn’t really know that part) …but I have to say this is the first group and leader that my kids have been REALLY excited about. The guy seems so genuine and his fiance is leading the girls. So I hope their enthusiam stays this way. They can’t wait to go each week…even to sunday school for their lesson…..they want to race over to start…and that’s not the fun “stuff” that’s a Godly Lesson. But you know how I am…so studious..LOL. So I am always checking up to see what’s going on…I dropped Bryce off at home so he could eat a bit of dinner before he went to the group..and said “Oh I am just going to go check on the group” Bryce said “Mom ..come on…you are the ONLY parent who checks up on everyone….Even the pastor is there!” I said “hey It’s my job!” I was thinking to myself..”I don’t care if the president of the USA is there…I am checking up ..because you kids are precious to me!” (trust no one…at least with my kids) Besides it’s my church too..I can be there! hehe.

I walked in and Cole saw me..he said “Mom What are you doing here?! Get outta here…you are the ONLY mom who checks up on us!” LOL Do you all think my kids are sick of me checking up on them? Well that just encourgaes me further because I will ALWAYS check up on them. LOL Jeri is a junior in high school..she is not free from me yet..they won’t be until they leave home and make sound choices..LOL..maybe.

Well Rob is feeling better today..I think because he went to work. I am glad for him he slept most of the day yesterday. I pray it’s not a virus. It’s like if my family gets something the whole town will get it. I have kids in every school. hehe.

Oh And this quilt is Iene’s quilt. Isn’t it sweet? It’s so soft and pretty. She wanted a feather in the white border. I just accented with Charisma Curls, continuous curves and leaves&swirls. It stayed soft&sweet! She actually got it back today ..I shipped it Tuesday..pretty fast! She said she was doing the “Happy dance” She loved it! That always makes me feel good! LOL


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