Wild and Goosey Version 2

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So I made another wild & goosey Quilt. Here is my other one, here.

These are the ultimate scrap blocks. The  block was created by Bonnie Hunter. It was released in Quilt maker magazine ( spring 2013) and then they published the PDF on the website ( but I don’t know if it’s still there?) This is a link to the magazine, here.

You can see Elvis,  The King of Pups is posing for some photos as well. There is no quilt on the planet that can steal his spotlight. LOL! ( p.s. This is my own quilt..I would never let him do this one someone else’s quilt)

In my first quilt I made 400 of the 3.5 inch blocks and put them together. I realized that I had plenty of scraps to start another one…and I wanted to use as many scraps as I could in the next one so I made 864 blocks. CRAZY TOWN!! I didn’t use any sashing or anything and this made a HUGE quilt! It’s extremely heavy because of all of those seams and fabrics….it measures 80×115.  This quilt contains more than 11,232 pieces of fabric. I chose a border of something in my stash….I didn’t fret over the colors or anything. I just chose something that I had enough to border & bind it. I could have chosen something a little brighter…but it’s a scrappy quilt and there are no rules. I make so many I don’t fret about such things. However, after putting so much time and energy into these it is really difficult for me to part with them. LOL


What I love about these blocks is that they use the smallest of scraps and all of those pesky triangles that we accumulate. You would be amazed at how many you collect if you started sorting them. Speaking of that…I wanted to share how I manage all of this….I actually sort my scraps as I go. These paper foundations sit on my machine and I do a few here and there as I go along.

See how they just sit there patiently?

I also bought this organizer from the dollar store:

As I go along with my other projects I just sort the scraps according to the sizes of the scraps I need for these blocks. After you do a few blocks you know exactly what will work in each space.

So I might spend an afternoon when I need a sew day working on W&G Blocks when this fills up and then when I work on my next project I will fill it up again. Before you know it you have enough blocks to put into a quilt. There is this great satisfaction in using every small piece of fabric.  It is so much easier to sort as you go along..that way when you have time to sew…you can actually just sit and sew. You don’t have to dig through and find pieces that you need. That little bit of time saves you a whole bunch later.

I will probably always have one of these projects in the works just because I have never come across another block that uses those odd shapes so well and I don’t care about colors, theme or anything. They are so small that it’s really all about using what we have and color. So it’s bright beautiful and crazy! So I have actually started another one. :) I also used some old fabric I had stashed for the backing. Our school is the Ephrata Tigers. So if I see a good deal on Tiger fabric I buy it because of graduation quilts ect…but I have just not used this one and I thought I would just use it up and be done with it. I quilted a very small quilting design…so there is a TON of thread on laid down in this quilt ( making it that much heavier)…but with those millions of seams I wanted to make sure it was quilted pretty tightly.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!



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