Pink Egg Cartons…Chicken Scratch & More!

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I finally have my sample in my hands and it’s so EGG-Citing!!

Can you believe this?

My next line of fabric is called Chicken Scratch. You know….cause I love those ladies!

When it was finally a go…and I knew we would be launching this line I asked my fabric company if we could launch with pre-cuts in the pink egg cartons. It would be so perfect with Chicken Scratch basics. I sell my real farm fresh eggs in pink egg cartons and they are sought after. :)

So it just seemed right that my Chicken Scratch should be in pink egg cartons too! It took several months to get it all worked out and look how adorable this is?

There are 12 colors. 12 fat quarters and they are all rolled up so cute!  I didn’t get to choose the colors included but they are all the same:

Blue, Lawn, matcha, sea green, spring, cornsilk, peach, pink, fuchsia, lilac, ice, & breezy.

I also designed several patterns to use these 12 fat quarters. I will be sharing the info all over the socials.

I believe in these so much I committed to buying several cases. :)

There is also a free pattern download included called :Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! It uses all 12 fat quarters and a background. It’s a table runner and 4 placemats.

As an EGG-Stra incentive I am going to launch a ***Special*** Contest for all who buy the Pink Egg Cartons from me.

You can PRE-Order the egg cartons HERE.

They won’t land in my hands until December when the rest of the line ships.

But I am creating Golden Tickets!

I am getting a shipment of 100 Cartons to sell in those 100 containers 10 tickets will be placed in 10 random egg cartons. Each of those tickets will be assigned a number that is matched to a prize. If you happen to get that golden ticket. Let me know what the number is and I will let you know what the Prize is. :)

The Prizes will BE:

  1. QUILT KIT  (valued at up to 150$ that is listed on my site)
  2. Quilt Kit 2 ( valued up to 100$ that is listed on my site)
  3. The Banana Split Template and 5 patterns to go with it (you can choose the 5 patterns to accompany it on my site)
  4. Quilt Patterns valued up to 100$ any listed on my site
  5. Quilt Patterns valued up to 50$  any listed on my site
  6. A precut Bundle of my Live boldly Fabric ( This includes A 10 inch stack and a Strip Roll)
  7.  A 3 yard cut of my **New  LIVE BOLDLY Extra Wide Backing*** (this will also arrive in December)
  8.  A Precut Bundle of Chicken Scratch (this includes a 10 inch stack and a strip roll)
  9.  A bundle of 5 Fat Quarter Patterns that I designed to use with the Egg Carton Fat quarters
  10. A 1 hour facetime or meeting with me. You can ask me anything you want….A little Chicken Chat if you will. ( if this doesn’t appeal to you can exchange it for 100$ worth of patterns from my site)

I am so happy with how all these turned out!

I hope you all love these crazy creations! I am sure having fun!

Those chickens surely have no idea how much they have inspired me.



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  1. Joan May 12, 2024 at 8:11 am - Reply

    Happy Mother’s Day! Just read this before going over to my daughter’s chicken “ranch”. Yes we get it! LOVE the new packaging! And all the rest!

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