Whole Cloth Quilt

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Or cheater prints as I call them. Hehe.IMG_5263

I make many of these because it’s easy to make samples for my booths and dress up fabrics than it is to sew a whole quilt and get them finished. It’s funny because most of the time people don’t realize it’s just one piece of fabric with some borders added. It’s not really cheating because when you put all the time in for quilting it makes up for the lack of piecing. IMG_5264

Mara made this and sent it to me…she asked that i just quilt all the lines in the fabric to make it look like it was all SID and pieced rather than quilt over it. I think it really does look like it was pieced.  I just got very comfortable with my straight edge…..I decided it would be better to get a few different sized straight edges..I have been using the same bulky one..and I love it…but when working on this I decided I could experiment with some new ones. So that’s what I did…I got comfortable with one…which is nice.   She is gifting this beautiful sampler to a friend who is having some health issues.  Great gift! Great to work with you again Mara!IMG_5268 IMG_5267 IMG_5266 IMG_5265

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