Yellow, Black & White All Over

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Lori sent this quilt. It’s a wedding gift. IMG_6055

Isn’t it beautiful? I love how modern it is…the colors just scream modern and so does the design. So my quilting designs needed to reflect that as well. IMG_6057

Around the embroidery and picture I had to put some “fancy” Feathers just to frame it all in a bit….which I love. But it was difficult because black is a high contrast thread on that white. As a long arm quilter high contrast¬† thread is difficult because it shows every flaw. But I think it’s ok. IMG_6056IMG_6058 IMG_6059

I saw the designs in the fabrics and wanted to bring those ¬† designs into the quilting..and I did that in a BIG way. Big spiral flowers….in the center of the BIG 4 patches…I have to say I just adore them! This is going to be a great gift and I am so thankful to be a part of it!¬†IMG_6060

Many blessings on the special couple! Thanks Lori for working with me! It was a blessing!

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