Tiny Town {by Bunny Hill Designs}

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I think you all know how much I *ADORE* Bunny Hill designs.

Emmy and I came up with a trade quite a while ago. She made my Le Jardin quilt.  

Le Jardin is also on the cover of my blog….the back of it anyway….it’s the background.  Anyway she does needle turn applique for me and I quilt for her. I trade that service quite frequently as you all can tell..LOL. We all have our own gifts. Why not work with them? I don’t have the patience or time for much hand work…and it works out for all of us.

Anyway this is the second one Emmy has made for me. It’s called “Tiny Town” and my LQS has kits made up of all of these same fabrics if you like this color way. Here is the link to the shopIMG_4905

I decided to personalize some things because well I love to do that. Do my family initials are located somewhere, along with our address because we live in “Tiny Town” and  I also put our zip code on the sign above the post office. I also made one of the buildings into a church. Every town needs a small church don’t you think? IMG_4912 IMG_4911 IMG_4909

I used so many designs…..except no feathers. Not intentional..just didn’t think about it. Ruler work, SID, pebbles, headbands, swirls, stipple…..a bit of everything. IMG_4908 IMG_4910 IMG_4907 IMG_4906

I hope you like my version of Tiny Town.IMG_4913

Did you see the back?….. *heart*IMG_4914

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  1. Karin April 28, 2013 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    Absolutely LOVE it! You really are blessed with talent my dear!

  2. Teresa June 2, 2013 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    Awesome!!!! love the applique and the quilting just makes it move….love love love it.

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