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OK so I think it’s not a secret that I love table least in my house. I put them on everything. I have also given so many as gifts. They are just nice gifts and great projects because you can complete them in a few hours…or less.

I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (if I were a real chicken…I might thank my lucky stars that it was my last run…..hehe. You can read about that here )

Anyway, yesterday I decided I just need to take some down time. NOt work for anyone..piece something because it always makes me feel better just to sit and sew. The reason we love to sew is because it keeps our mind occupied “just enough”…just enough to forget about everything outside….or inside. It takes our mind away from troubles, stresses and dinner. I would have liked to have jumped knee deep into a quilt…but knew that was not an option. But  tablerunner…sure. I got these embroidered squares from Sew-Blessed and I just knew immediatly what I would do with them. I am kind of thinking I should get some more.  I like the sayings..and I just used fabrics that were in my stash to complete the runner. These would make nice gifts. I thought of several people I could give this to….but I really want to keep it….cause it will remind me that I need to take a rest….and do something every now and again to give me fuel to keep going.

It’s so easy to get away from ourselves….I need to be grounded….every now and again. I have learned not to hate the way I am or wish I could be different…but realise that there is value in the way I am….some people wouldn’t be able to work in my studio because it is overloaded with inspiration. If I were to take everything down…it would feel sparce to me. My mind is always swirling and that’s good for me. I am constantly linking….and it works for me.  But every now and again…I just need it to settle and enjoy.

So this little runner made me do that.



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