Super Mario Brothers

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Mario an Luigi…..Do we all know who they are..from Nintendo video games?

I have to say I don’t play video games..but in my time ..I did play pong, pac-man and Super mario brothers. Nothing like kids have these days. But I get to stressed out with video games..honestly..for one ..I am one of those peole that moves with the controller..{so watch could lose an eye} So I need a bubble of space. I also get high blood pressure if I know I am in dangerous territory and could die….I logically know it’s a game..but I still get high blood pressure. Video games are not good for me. LOL I play wii …cause it’s OK..but I still have to say the virtual race in the sky {where you can fall off into the clouds}  stresses me out. LOL  I will stick to’s safe.

Valerie sent this to my boys for all over stipple. Cole won the war over this one. He and Carl were argueing over who got to quilt this one..they were excited about it.  While Cole was quilting ..I was quilting on the other frame  and he said “Hey come you never made us a Mario & Luigi quilt? Me: I don’t know? Cole: Well you should have.

OK well then….I guess I fell short..LOL. { I will wrap up my tiara and sash know cause I am not like the best mom anymore! LOL } Valerie Apparently YOU are on top of things! LOL It’s a great quilt….it’s reversible..Luigi on one side..Mario on the other…the 4 cornerstones are cute details of the game….

We had fun just looking at this one!

Thanks so much


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