Sunkist Hope

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IMG_4833Hope is my middle name. I am sure I have shared that before. But it’s a special name because it’s also Clarissa’s middle name. But my grandma gave me that name….and I think my grandma is pretty special. I think it’s also just one of those things…we can’t survive without Hope…and I certainly had to use hope to cope with certain aspects in my life…as we all do…so it’s never far from my thoughts. IMG_4820

I pieced this quilt last summer. Original post here.

I didn’t have a pattern …so I copied the blocks I got in the swap and made several more. I randomly put them together….knowing that it was probably not what the pattern was…but I was ok with that, because those are design opportunities. :)IMG_4824 IMG_4825 IMG_4826

So when I quilted it I decided to go ahead and take those green cross lines in each block and carry them over to the next cross line…..Which created several linked boxes. So I quilted all my quilted lines and the green lines with big pebbles/stones…..trying to make it all uniform. So then I was having a hard time trying to decide how to quilt the block? or by groupings? I did both. It was far to tempting either way. I also debated whether I should use few designs…so it would bring out the lines out and make them really obvious.  I probably should have…or just made all of the lines linear or ..maybe just CH. But I get bored so easily…and I am thinking maybe less would have been more in this case. Which is weird for me…I usually live by the saying..”more is more”. LOLIMG_4834IMG_4832 IMG_4831 IMG_4830 IMG_4829

I realized that there is one block that I forgot to quilt the cross lines….Oh well…nobody is perfect. I also think maybe the quilting in the piano key border could have been different. I was trying to choose something different than what I have done before and I am not sure it was the best option?IMG_4823 IMG_4822 IMG_4821

This is why I like to practice different designs on my own I can learn. When I work on someone else’s quilt..I tend not to take many risks.   I want to make sure that I am doing my best to compliment the work I have. IMG_4836 IMG_4835


A pieced back~ trying to use stash. :)

I love this quilt even though I know it could probably be better…it’s so sweet.







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  1. Karin April 24, 2013 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    I think what you did is (as always) JUST RIGHT! Love that it’s so bright & cheery!!

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